By ontherun2012 - 14/02/2012 04:22 - United States

Today, I finally received my passport. Too bad my flight to Italy left last week. FML
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DontClickOnMe 28

Should've applied for your passport earlier.. Oh well, mistakes happen.

cheerkat 6


cheerkat 6

they aren't really in control of that, sometimes it can take a long time

1-Sometimes, there are delays in actually making and registering a passport legally. You could do it weeks in advance and there would still be a chance that it could be delayed before your trip departs.

My_Misery 0

While that is true, generally you are supposed to deal with it months in advance, just incase everything goes wrong. That being said it's still unfortunate as that's money / miles down the drain.

14 is absolutely correct. The application process flat out tells you it can take upwards of six weeks. You ALWAYS have to arrange passports, visas, and any other documentation as far in advance as you can. Furthermore, the website for passport applications includes a chart showing when there's highest volume for passports and suggests allowing for even more time. When that much money is involved, you deserve it for not taking the proper precautions.

Ha, this is weird, I'm flying to Italy tomorrow!

yeah there are delays because alot of people get them updated. thats why you do it 1+ months in advance. YDI

Wow, delay much? :/ Should've done it before..

By 'delay', you mean the time it takes you think before words leave your mouth?

By "delay" do you mean the time you should be taking to actually think about half your comments before hitting enter?

Think?! Who needs to think when you've got a mouth that talks!!!

Judging from some other comments I have read of yours (#11), I think you should think before you speak.

If OP had done it well before their trip and hasn't received it in time for the trip, then it would be a delay in processing passport data and other documents. >.>

Exactly OP YDI lol and #2 who said you bite :p

DontClickOnMe 28

Should've applied for your passport earlier.. Oh well, mistakes happen.

I tried to apply for a passport last week, but they kept telling me that I couldn't obtain one! I kept asking and they kicked me out of the building!!! Last time I'm ******* going to chunky cheese's, so incompetent.

proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance

mama2b3 20

Italy is not that much better than Wisconsin, is it?

hilary56 0

Well now they won't know will they? Hence missing the flight.

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They both have cheese at least?

I know how that is..I'm going to another country in a few months but I can't find my passport anywhere.

Ohhhh .... Btw you look cute and hope u find it soon lol

HannahWho 8

I like how people use FML as a site to pick people up in some way. It has nothing to do with anything anyone says but when they think someone is cute they go out of their way to stalk their comments and write something generic like, "oh I hope it goes well."

You're right, btw, you're cute (; Hit me up, I like hentai.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Oh no! It left a week ago?! Well then you'd better get in your horseless carriage and go find that plane! Italy ain't going to find itself, blibbidy blobbidy blooo!!!!

mama2b3 20

I just noticed op's username lol if that's the case this fml is even worse than I thought! lol