By itsplashedeverywhere - 27/10/2015 18:59 - United States - Boulder

Today, I was unfortunate enough to discover what happens when you vomit mid-drink at a water fountain. FML
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At least you were some where you could get more fluids BACK in your body. Sorry OP.

I don't think I'd want to drink from a fountain I just puked all over.

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Sounds like a pleasant experience.

Hopefully what eventually happens is you return to the fountain with cleaning supplies to prevent some poor other human from having to clean up your barf.

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I think she was already talking about the janitor.

Why should the janitor have to clean up her puke? OP should definitely do it.

It probably should be a janitor that cleans it (at least, depending on where OP puked). They're the ones with the biohazard and waste disposal materials, and usually the ones trained to clean/dispose of bodily fluids--at least in schools. Drives me crazy when a kid barfs in my classroom because neither teachers nor students are allowed to touch it or clean it up. We have to wait for the janitor.

Depending on where it was also, most security is trained on biohazard clean-up, especially if they are also trained to be hands on then they have to be.

FML to the thirsty people using it next and also the person who has to clean it.

hmm, I'm feeling a little queasy but I'll take a drink of water instead to see if ingesting more fluid will push it down... seems about right

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As someone who suffers with panic attacks frequently, water helps a bit in calming me down, and keeping me cool. I get very nauseous when I have panic attacks.