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  chinaski7628  |  32

It probably should be a janitor that cleans it (at least, depending on where OP puked). They're the ones with the biohazard and waste disposal materials, and usually the ones trained to clean/dispose of bodily fluids--at least in schools. Drives me crazy when a kid barfs in my classroom because neither teachers nor students are allowed to touch it or clean it up. We have to wait for the janitor.

  dlm3212  |  12

Depending on where it was also, most security is trained on biohazard clean-up, especially if they are also trained to be hands on then they have to be.

  Alup132  |  22

As someone who suffers with panic attacks frequently, water helps a bit in calming me down, and keeping me cool. I get very nauseous when I have panic attacks.