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you guys realize to pass out you need to have a lack of oxygen to the brain right ? there for you won't pass out from being upside-down. you will however pass out if you were to stand upright for a prolonged period of time WITHOUT moving anypart of your feet or legs.


after some quick reading I am wrong. but it depends on the person on how long it will take to pass out from being upside-down. my mistake.

it's also possible that with his struggling he messed up the blood flow somehow? Or he's just lying and he was really hanging for a couple minutes.

A few beers obviously means "half a keg". Just remember, when you're stupid enough to call something "fool-proof", someone will find a bigger fool. In this case, you found you. Edit: Damn you, Kayak.


I haven't seen that film (and don't plan to), but a simple Google search shows you that the X-rays in that film are completely different from the ones the Doc has on his profile.

By  fthku

That sucks, but I have to ask- if you were able to move your entire body through the window, how can your foot get stuck?

You probably ought to stop drinking. I'm not sure you can risk damaging many more brain cells.

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