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  Keyman1212  |  14

Omg u gize u totes made me reevaluate my lyfe... Imma du wut I alwayz wanted 2 do: Imma be a stripper on a riverboat casino! Suk on dat haterz!!!! (this legitimately was more time consuming than coming up with a rational rebuttal to y'all. Damn it must suck for illiterate people.)

  danbman95  |  0

Rekindle the romance? Really dumbass? Think about it they are divorced. Dads tryin to get laid and mom wants it. Its physicall attrqction and nothing more thats what makes it deplorable

By  emmanizzer  |  6

Ever notice that whoever does the final edits on the FMLs before they're posted likes to use the same phrases over and over again? Such as "which wouldn't be a problem if".