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My step-sister and I dated in High School. We got together in 1996 and dated right up until my mother and her father got married. We both get a kick out of telling people that we used to date our step sibling and watching their reactions. Then we will tell the rest of the story and say.. how do you think that our parents met (by they way it was my senior prom in 1997 when my mom and her dad met, married 2 years later).
There is NO BLOOD relation between you and your possible step sister, do not let it get to you there is nothing wrong with it. If you decide to stay together try and find the funny in it like my Step-sister and I did.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Just make sure your future children know that you were with your mom BEFORE she became your step-sister.

It'll be harder explaining how their paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother are the same person. Your family tree is a banzai.