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Today, my dad asked me to send my mom a text since he was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I pulled up my mom's contact on his phone, and I found that my mom had recently sent my dad a picture of her jugs, along with the message, "We miss you." FML
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  angeluv_2014  |  22

I think 1 meant that it's nice to see that OP's parents are still active in their love life; it's nice that the flame hasn't died out. But, on the other hand, for OP, nooooot so nice. Ew.

  pickles1994  |  18

Sorry I should have reworded and made it like how 29 said it above on the first comment. Maybe I wouldn't have been thumbed down. Although one can never really tell with the FML community. One comment they're with you and another they are not. Hmm time to go back and reread and find out what I did wrong... Or just go back to la la land and count some sleep to fall asheep. Hah I'm so funny. :3


#47- Everyone makes comments that suck and those that don't. I've made plenty of "wtf" comments that later I'm like "Why the hell did I write?" I've been down voted a lot too. Don't let it bother you because it's really not a big deal.

  CarbonCoach  |  11

They're= they are moms tits. Their=their moms tits like those peoples moms tits. If you're going to be a gammer nazi be a proper one or else dont talk at all.

  gc327072  |  29

66/ that reminds me of that phone commercial...

"Daddy we sent you a video to watch on the plane!!"

"Oh, thanks!"

*mom walks over, whispers in his ear*

"I've also sent you a video. DON'T watch it on the plane..."