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It's not like it's the first time you've seen them.

At least you know they have a great relationship and are happy with one another.


So uh... pics or it didn't happen? And quit being such a boob.

Yes, #1, that does sound nice. I would just love to see my mom's 40+ year old breasts. Who wouldn't enjoy that? ..

1: I wish I could say the same about your comment.

some 40+ have lovely breasts. not that you should want to see your mom's, but the age isnt the issue. that said - pics or it didn't happen

Pics or didn't happen.

Would rather know my parents are happily sexing than divorcing. Now that would be an FML

I think 1 meant that it's nice to see that OP's parents are still active in their love life; it's nice that the flame hasn't died out. But, on the other hand, for OP, nooooot so nice. Ew.

P.S Maybe it wasn't so bad for OP... Who says that OP wasn't a daughter and that her mom had to be super old or anything?

Wow at your comment, it's just so amazing.

Sorry I should have reworded and made it like how 29 said it above on the first comment. Maybe I wouldn't have been thumbed down. Although one can never really tell with the FML community. One comment they're with you and another they are not. Hmm time to go back and reread and find out what I did wrong... Or just go back to la la land and count some sleep to fall asheep. Hah I'm so funny. :3

Or just not be bothered what the FML community thinks of you, if that's at all an option.

#47- Everyone makes comments that suck and those that don't. I've made plenty of "wtf" comments that later I'm like "Why the hell did I write?" I've been down voted a lot too. Don't let it bother you because it's really not a big deal.

17 - I thumbed you down because your comment was just as useless as 2's. No need to be so... Tetchy:')

It's not like it's the first time you've seen them.

But never has he had to come to the realization that his father is way into those... And I suppose so is she lol

Who knows how old OP is or if their girl. Also who wants to see their moms tits? Oedipus?

Sorry, but Oedipus didn't know they were his mother's tits until it was too late. And *they're

Oops sorry 23, thought you were correcting the wrong their. I wish I could retract my thumbs up, but yes, I agree with you, but he is still the original motherfucker.

Don't worry, I thought the same thing.

I think 3 was assuming that OP was breast feed as a baby.

Wow 97... You were just dying to correct someone, weren't you?

They're= they are moms tits. Their=their moms tits like those peoples moms tits. If you're going to be a gammer nazi be a proper one or else dont talk at all.

Wrong their, #123

Haha don't worry, u will b a mom one day

Not if he's a guy, op's sex isn't specified.

If I were to ever become a mom (which won't ever happen since I'm a male), I would be VERY worried if my child saw a suggestive picture meant for my fiancé.

At least you know they have a great relationship and are happy with one another.

Jeez I wish my gf did that, and I'm 19, they're lucky :) good relationship

I perhaps would like to find out in a different less sexual way!

66/ that reminds me of that phone commercial... "Daddy we sent you a video to watch on the plane!!" "Oh, thanks!" *mom walks over, whispers in his ear* "I've also sent you a video. DON'T watch it on the plane..."

Carminecris89 you seems like some one cool to hang out with and talk :)

Tell them you miss them too. xx

Don't hate. Atleast your pops is getting some.

I don't think OP is hating... Their just disgusted they can't erase the mental image.

Then OP needs to move to Colorado and chill out. Atleast she didn't walk in on them fucking and puke every where

I feel like the severity of mental-scarred-ness of this FML is really determined by if OP is a guy or a girl.

That motherfu..... Oh right, he's allowed.

That's just... A horrifying event...

Unless you sell the pictures at your school.