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Today, I went to get a haircut. The guy next to me was in an Army uniform and had requested a short buzz cut. My stylist had to take a call, so another came out and there must've been a miscommunication, but by then, she was already fast at work. Guess who got stuck with the other guy's haircut. FML
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Hey, OP here. I'm new to this site, guess I should've made an account before posting? Sorry about that. Anyway, everyone had a pretty good laugh about it after the initial shock wore off! The place had these staggered walls in between the chairs and the other guy was blocked from view. Since it was a busy day, I guess the first stylist had said something along the lines of "the guy on the end just needs a buzz cut". When the second woman had come out she just launched right into it, and I did not say anything about the electric razor because I figured she was just going to clean up the back. But nope. Like a few of you had said, once it was started there was no going back because she went straight down the middle from my forehead to my crown! She was super apologetic about the whole thing, and sent me off with a full giftcard for the future. My hair was sort of on the longer side before, maybe just up to my ears but now it's only 1/8 inch all around. It was a big change but I guess I'll keep it for now since it's comfortable and looks alright. Thanks for all your comments, didn't think anyone would even read this!

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Hopefully they at least offer you a refund.

I guess it's time to join the service.


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That sucks you didn't get the cut you wanted but at least you are a guy and can hopefully pull off the buzzed look.

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Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

I guess it's time to join the service.

TyroneB 22

Hopefully they at least offer you a refund.

I agree. I would be extremely pissed if someone cut my hair short. Although, for me it is for of a totally different reason (only metalheads understand).

lol I'm a metalhead and can stand even being able to see my hair

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if someone came at me with clippers instead of scissors, I'd notice.

Maybe OP had high anxiety, I know quite a few people who have a difficult time speaking up for themselves

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Most hair cuts involve clippers so kinda hard to stop them until it's too late.

That sucks. I hope they at least did not make you pay. Depending on the length, hair can taķe a while to grow back, and it is pretty noticeable on a person...

There are plenty of customer service problems that can be remedied, but this isn't one of them. It's not like you can glue it back on

Wait - did your stylist previously work at a dog grooming shop in China?

Well, why didn't you say something when the stylist brought out the buzzer / started shaving your head?

Well they probably did but once the cut has started there is a large chunk of hair missing and there's no way to salvage it other than going all the way.

It could also be possible that they have a hair cut with parts shaved. So the clippers are a normal thing and by the time they realized it was the wrong hair cut it was too late.