By T.C - 23/01/2010 12:21 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out my happily married father has been hiring escorts on-line for 3 years. FML
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your stupid, the thing to do Is be a man and stick to the commitments he made, otherwise he's just a pussy.


no, you should confront your dad and make sure HE tells her.

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who is everr happily married nowadays....everybody is a lecher..

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I found out that about my dad, Im just not sure if I should tell my mom

This is why infidelity is immoral! It hurts the ones most vulnerable... FYL for real!!!!!

Ok... let me explain this... He went to a professional sex worker... this obviously means that he was sexually unfulfilled at home and despite what prudes will tell you, sexually fulfillment is very important. So he had several options: Divorce his wife, cheat with someone and form a new relationship, or hire a sex worker. He chose the sex worker. Why? It means that he was only sexually unfulfilled but it does NOT mean that he doesn't still love you, his wife, and his family. He chose to go to a professional to have his needs met while still providing his family with everything they need... Compared to the other options, this is by far the best. and ultimately, it's none of your business. Do you want your parents sticking their noses into your sex life? I doubt it. So stay away from theirs. Also, I wouldn't be too surprised if your mom already knows and is ok with it. Honestly, he did the right thing in this situation...

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I've never thought about it that way; you have a good point.

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no that means he's a shitty husband

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great coment.. I agree fully with you. and thanks for clearing up what an escort is. lol

your stupid, the thing to do Is be a man and stick to the commitments he made, otherwise he's just a pussy.

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GravityPlanx you should become a lobbyest for Tobacco companies or firearms.

Is counseling not an option anymore ? If he was that in love with his wife he would of tried to work something else out. He's just a dirty cheating bastard. Don't make excuses for Jackasses