By Charles - 18/05/2011 17:13 - Norway

Today, I finally found out who has been hacking my email account to send dirty messages to my teacher. My dad. FML
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Oh wow I'm sorry. You have a strange dad. FYL


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if your dad is doing it as a joke then I gotta say dad-1 you-0. your move kid.

but then again his homework was never quite like this

imacreeper 3

if 1. the teacher is playing along. 2. your dad is attractive and 3. your failing in that class then you are SAVED.

Go on his account and start sending dirty messages to his boss.

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go up to your teacher and tell her that she shouldn't be too affected by his messages because he has a small dick.

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He's just helping OP get a better grade

I just sent you an AR-15 in the mail. take it and shoot your dad in the head. both heads actually. an mail it back because I like to keep the bullies that killed the people in my closet. they always get reused.

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120- You mean the casings right? Because I wouldn't think OP would want to waste the time looking for the bullets, and depending on what type of bullets he used, I highly doubt that bullet would be able to be reloaded into another cartridge, unless you melted it down and cast another bullet. Sooo yeeeah.

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Oh wow I'm sorry. You have a strange dad. FYL

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When I first read this comment, I thought #2 was suggesting that OP change dads...

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He is offering his D for and F so you can get an A from that B

D for *an F. Why can't you edit your typos?

oh I see what you did there!!! and I know it sucks that you can't edit out your typos -.-

^ that would be the exact definition of Cowboy Buttsex. and what the hell!? that's my picture!

#3 that would depend, I think the father just has a tad of overconfidence xD

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33- so clever. you should've ended with.. you C?

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Do you have an A in that class? Sounds like he's trying to raise your grade for you.

thats not all he's tryin to raise *giggity*

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wait till the nudes of the teacher get sent then CC them to me!!

He would send you pictures of a morbidly obese shemale. Would you like that? Because that's his teacher.

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YDI for being named Charles.

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my friend had the same problem lol

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Its probably cheeper than hiring a tutor for you failing grades.

sorry, I don't wanna do this but I can't resist the urge... *cheaper. I'll go now.

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What did he just say? Anyone want to put that in English?