By KJL - 29/08/2011 15:38 - United States

Today, I found my husband Googling Morse Code. He thinks his farts are trying to communicate with him. FML
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Johnothan 0

That's hilarious. He's winning


Johnothan 0

That's hilarious. He's winning

It's really cramped in here *stop* you must realease us *stop* we will destroy your sense of smell *stop* that is all *stop*

Dear human *stop* please stop eating spicy Mexican food *stop* You are slowly destroying us *stop*

Beans beans the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you piss off your wife

MichellinMan 20

This is probably one of the funniest fmls I have ever read.... Your dad is a tard

itsmeyippie 0

69, if anyone is a tard it is you, atleast the HUSBAND knows how to read

ducttapewallet 7

I dot know about yours, but mine are. They told me I need more fiber. Good to know and completely relevant. Awesome.

In the 70's, the DoD set up a sleeper agent system, where they trained little children to use Morris Code while farting to communicate, and protect the nation's secrets. Obviously he's about to be reactivated.

S.O.S.! You are going to have a painful shit later. Just thought I'd warn you.

94- it's Morse code, not Morris. Just thought I'd help you out there a bit.

ImFrackinBored 13
walterism 0

your husband might be a genius

Mipz 2

That's one I've never heard before. o.o

BehindU 5

Elephants are the only mammals with feet that cant jump thats one you haven't heard before...

FernAdele 9

Why can't the French just speak latin?

FernAdele 9

it's just how I usually say it :|

IVIikey_312 0
Stan_Cubed 7

Win for saying good'en. I use that phrase also. Its fun to say and write :)

He is. The Feds are mind controlling THROUGH FARTS *puts on tinfoil hat*

MsMeiriona 2

That'd be the wrong end! Unless it's a tinfoil ass-hat.

Husband: Is God trying to communicate with me through my farts?

No, silly, god communicates through massive floods and mass murder.

I would like this comment a million times if I could

overthelimit 3

that he needs to take a shit or go easy on the beans.

That's actually funny LOL. Fart by him see what he says

crinx034 0

*wife farts by husband* Husband - ... We should see other people.

maybe his farts are trying to communicate with you !! :O