By woundedexwife - United States
Today, I realized why my husband had been seemingly wanting to improve our relationship by sending little texts throughout the day for the last couple of months, asking what I was doing. It was so he could find out when would be the best time to have his girlfriend over and cheat on me. FML
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By  ipwnallmen  |  10

have you ever heat the legend of the man, the cheated on wife, and the hot curling iron.... you can plug it in both ways.....for the the other woman... thats about 4-5 ways....

  voveraite  |  7

FYI, this is very often NOT the case of why men go astray (even then, having a heart-to-heart discussion does wonders!). Some guys cheat just because THEY CAN, and they do lie to the other woman about some lack of sex in the relationship, when in fact everything was ok, on this level. Sorry, women cheat too, and lie as well. But cheating is not justified...