Brotherly love

By Foodcomesfirst - 24/11/2009 20:07 - United Kingdom

Today, I felt dizzy and light-headed. So I sat down at the top of my stairs calling my brother who was downstairs, for help because I was scared something was wrong with me. He called back "No, I'm eating." I fainted. When I woke up, I was still alone upstairs and he was still eating downstairs. FML
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x0SoReckless0x 7

that sucks. At least you didn't fall down the stairs though. think of the positives =]


Kttttt 0

When you faint your only out 2-5 seconds, I doubt he would have stopped eating and ran up to you in that amount of time.

NotInAGoodWay 0

yeah, kinda sounds like your a drama queen. my brother is the same way about stuff. lol, I ignore him all the time ://

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Koryissocoollike 0

lol her name is food comes first >.>

It had better been delicious, otherwise, in your position, I would have beaten his butt

Well, no lie, I ignore my siblings a lot. And usually when they aren't feeling well, they're over exaggerating, so I wouldn't really think much about it.

She also may not have been out for very long. If she only fainted for a minute or so, it is unlikely that her brother would have even had time to notice

Well, she might just have fainted for like 30sec or 1 min. And why would he notice? Its not like she fell down the stairs and made alot of noise. Check for diabetes.

perdix 29

You were right. There was something wrong with you. What was your brother supposed to do? Isn't it enough that he had to make his own sammich?

cerebellum_fml 0

If you where eating then you would not have fainted. YDI if he knows you would cry wolf over something stupid

bexox 0

So blood sugar is the only reason a person can faint? That's news to me and my neurologist.

missawesome16 0

she passed out and no one did any thing that s an fml u ass

donttreadonme1 0

Jesus crist com down buddy u might shit ur self

fbp6277 0

Sounds like my boyfriends brother, hes an ass.

this is exactly something my brother would do.

next time be near another person because you could have fell and hit your head hard and then im pretty sure your brother would notice also, you were probably hungry

Lichinamo 33

People don't have to be hungry to pass out. Both times I've passed out was due to my body going into panic mode over something minor