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By AMP4U - 31/08/2011 01:28 - United States

Today, my fiancé changed his text message tone to a fart noise. He thinks it's hilarious and laughs every time he gets a text. He's 35 years-old. FML
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lovexbox 8

I'd laugh to, except it would be a bit awkward to be in a public place.


Are you sure you married a man, because it seems like he doesn't have a pair.

Really? Most guys I know would laugh hysterically at this, including my own father.

A fart text message a day, keeps the doctor away

How does having a laugh make you not a man..? Sorry humor makes you feminine. And as for the whole maturity thing, I think because public flatulence is such a faux pas, it will be funny to any age group, regardless if they decide to voice that humor by laughing, or otherwise.

BellaBelle_fml 23

#1- OP clearly stated that it's her fiancé, so they're not married yet. Also, having a sense of humour doesn't make you any less of a man or woman.

Its good to have an older man with a great sense of humor :D

Yeah I laughed at the thought of my phone farting too, but in your pocket could make for some embarrassing moments if you didn't set to vibrate...

13FTW 9

I know what my new ringtone tone is gonna be....

Oh no my fiancee has happiness and humor in his life I must go to complain about it on the internet.

1- What's wrong with it? Myself, I probably would never make that my text tone, but everyone has a different sense of humour. Although, you might conceive it as immature, which I'm assuming you meant to say, because frankly, your comment was a bit harsh. So accept and be open more other's choices, especially, if they do not involve you. If Flatulence makes a guy happy, then who gives a flying zeppelin? I'm an otaku, so I have Konata from Lucky Star as my ringtone. Not like you care, so why be harsh about it, y'know? :3

it seems ur father was retarded and told u how women have balls for not having a sense of humor

lakaiskate 12

I know right. It's not that big of a deal at least it isn't a ringtone with girls moaning. It's not that bad.

Seriously!! It isn't that bad, OP needs a sense of humor! It's okay to be immature every once in a while

Yeah he is getting married! He needs a laugh every once and a while.

mrmusicman97 4

i agree i would do that u have to have some fun in your life wen ur a married man

22cute 17

I have the same ringtone. There have been seriously awkward moments but I still think it's hillarious! Everyone laughs at farts.

BellaBelle_fml 23

You must not have a sense of humour.

There is a difference between having a sense of humor and being lame

I only wish I was half as awsoume as your soon to be husband when I'm around his age.

@3: You must be one incredibly fugly feminazi.

paigealeace13 0

117, I litterally lold. My fiance has the same one and we both laugh.

lovexbox 8

I'd laugh to, except it would be a bit awkward to be in a public place.

lmfao pretty funny, but he'll start to get annoyed by it when he's in public pretty soon

I did something like that except it was a wolf whistle and I attached it to my car's speakers and would play the sound whenever people walked by. Time well spent.

Lighten the **** up OP. I would help him reach euphoria by sending him numerous texts just so he could hear it and be happy :) Jokes a side, FyL for being engaged to a kid

sxe_beast 11

I don't see the problem with a little immaturity. Being completely mature and serious 24/7 would be a dreadful way to live life. OP needs to lighten up and unbunch her ******* panties.

overthelimit 3

OP, if you dont want him ill take him :)

Kid at heart? Have fun OP. It's life. Make the best out of it. Even the little things. :D

iAmScrubs 19

Nobody is too old to have a fart text message tone.