By hopeless-.- - 29/08/2011 15:06 - United States

Today, my boyfriend came in to kiss me. Being sweaty and nasty, I said "Not now, I'm hot and sweaty." He looked at me blankly and said "So am I, just smell my ball sweat." FML
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talkstoomuch 8

That is just nasty.

perdix 29

Ball sweat? Was he trying to kiss you with his face or Jeffrey Jr's?


talkstoomuch 8

That is just nasty.

How romantic

eminemchick 19

Did you smell his ball sweat?

tsume24 3

this sounds EXACTLY like something my boyfriend would do. @[email protected] ...except it doesn't make me feel "hopeless," cuz I have a sense of humor.

burninnapalm 5

Hey, ball sweat is something we have to put up with, he was just saying that to put her at ease, saying he didn't mind that she sweaty, as he smells worse. Stop complaining and let him kiss you.

good way to set the mood.

ducttapewallet 7

Hmm. If it means you'll both know you both know the same "pain", then you should do it. Ball sweat. LOOL.

chickenwalrus 14

is it just me or is it annoying when girls refuse to hang out or do anything with someone or a boyfriend because theyre "ugly today"? hah

Bekeliyr 10

That lets you know he is very comfortable around you.

-67 my gurlfriend is "ugly" everyday FML -.-

A hot sweaty woman is still hot

I was thinking the same thing.

iv heard of booty sweat energy balls sweat? bawls energy drink lol

That's the low carb version on booty sweat.

TheRealHouse 7

Mike Hunt's Wet lemonade is my favorite ok I might have made that up If you don't get it read it outloud

Haha nice one I love that drank.

I named my dog Mike Hunt. When I have guests, I say "Damn, Mike Hunt has fleas again."

Killswitch Engage FTW!!!!!!!

Killswitch Engage wins

Wow that's just wrong. Throw him in the shower!

cptmorgan6 8

Shower's useless. Balls get sweaty too fast anyways.

*turns on shower* Ball sweat... Too... POWERFUL!!!

Its called talcum powder. it really works, keeps the boys dry all day.

^ exactly, then you can both get clean together. =]

yomommma 6


how do I message you?;)

Hey anna how are u? Email me to chat [email protected]

RedPillSucks 31

good lord!!! There was a much smoother response to "I'm hot and sweaty" than that. Talk about a lack of imagination.

ghehe, nice boyfriend >.

Ball sweat hm? For that, you should shout out 'drop and eat me you pig!' :P

No. Just... No.

Take it easy! God damn, tough crowd!

Listen to the man.

Well, at least he was trying to show affection at first