By Not Worth a Lunch - 02/02/2015 14:25 - United States - Durham

Today, my boss told me they were letting me go because they "could no longer afford to pay me." Never mind the catered lunch they had the day before, which cost more than a week's worth of my salary. FML
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You should point that out and be like: LIES. LIES YOU TELL ME.


You should point that out and be like: LIES. LIES YOU TELL ME.

Hey. At least you got the catered lunch. If you didn't they screwed you!

tiredteenager 16

OP didn't get the catered lunch, the boss did...

#2 Even if they did give OP lunch, I think OP still got screwed

I think he was just finding an excuse to let you go. Sorry OP

You're better off in an environment where they're more honest anyway. The least your boss could do was be honest about his/her's reason of firing you.

Sounds to me like you should be getting into the catering business then.

I honestly don't know whether I should feel happy or disgusted about this pun

badluckalex 23

At first I was like, "wait there is no cat in this fml." Then I realized it wasn't a pun on cats. **** mondays...

#8 - How could you be disgusted by that hilariously smug face alongside that pun?

They fire anyone these days and expect the reason to be their poor upkeep ability when in fact its their irresponsibility that lead them here. I can only suggest you try with another company and be successful. Show everyone your worth.

MetalxSoldier 26

They'll get their just desserts. I hope you find a better job.

Sounds like they probably had dessert already

Pull down your boss's pants and tell and them your not going anywhere.

bluebluhblou 15

not sure how this could possibly solve OP's issue.

bluebluhblou 15

that might be the precious skin on thier ass and the fantastic possibility that they just blew any chance of a reccomendation letter and a good reputation, risking what little chance they still have for finding a new job. but that's it really.

what if the boss wants there pants pulled down?

probably best if you stopped working for such idiots, and find another job.