By Anonymous - 01/02/2012 20:21 - United States

Today, my morning sickness has been so bad that my husband's farts send me running to the bathroom. He thinks it's hilarious, and has been following me around all day trying to crack one off in my face. FML
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Yarrachel 16

Just throw up on him, that'll teach him.

Nice husband you got there;)


Nice husband you got there;)

We men do what we want. Unless the woman says otherwise...

Screw the woman's opinion in this matter.

mebe hes with foodbaby

Let him, and proceed to barf chunks all over his ass and face.

ThisIsMyReign 4

19 - But sometimes we just got to do what we do best. Get on our girls nerves the worse way possible without caring. :)

ThecomingofTan 9

25- Classic Osama.

tjv3 10

I bet if you vomited ON him he would stop doing that

bubbly31 0

And he's gonna be a father

He has enough gas to chase you? Must have been a bad burrito.

Reminds me of Peter chasing Meg around the kitchen with his farts.

You're the one who wanted to keep the pregnancy going, so you deserve every shred of unpleasantness that comes with.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I'm wondering why on earth op is married to this child... Led alone reproducing with it. Least the kid will have half of moms genes.. Maybe there is hope... Maybe

remz89 3

183- r u retarded? Like how ignorant can u possibly be? If they want a child they want a child, I don't see how the actions of her immature husband is her fault? Seriously......

186--What her husband is doing would be a non-issue if she had terminated the pregnancy. Because she's deciding to bring it to term, any and all consequences are her own.

remz89 3

Okay n of they decided to have a child together it's still her fault?? Ur point not making any sense to me, guess ur mother should have aborted u too when se got morning sickness

@183: Go tell that to your mother.

@195 She made her choice and bore the consequences, just like everyone else.

Ohh please no one thumb him down or up, 69 thumbs I mean come on.

You're saying she should abort the child because the husband is being immature? It's not the child's fault she's getting sick, nor is it her fault. YOU should have been aborted if anything, you dumb fuck.

he sounds like a keeper

Projectile vomit right into the back of his boxers if he tries it again.

Thats gross :P good luck

What a douche

IAdminIFlow 0

Wow, u shoulda sniffed his fart and puked all over him then said " I dare you to fart again." problem solved :)

Yarrachel 16

Just throw up on him, that'll teach him.

op's bf status update: "OMG you guys gotta try this new thing.."

He's definitely not going to like it anymore when she spews on him. Haha

MichellinMan 20

Or just shove a knife up his anus.

SecretMe00 5

Wait until he gets really sick then do something that would disgust him and make him throw up.

That sounds like a.. ..never mind.

MichellinMan 20

like a what?! say it!

finalone34 3

Why were you out of the kitchen? Smh..

Like a bau5? (boss)

Takuya272727 16

But... I like square wheels! They're the best.

Show him how it's done, girl!

crazychick1269 7

Show him what?

Are you planning in embibing the chunky butter milk goodness?

always love a supportive spouse

aeshleyrose 6

My thoughts exactly. I read some of these and wonder why the fuck anyone would be in a relationship with someone who treats them this way, but they're all over this site. Also since he's now her baby daddy he'll be in her life forever. Wise choice, OP.

I'm sorry, but picturing that is hilarious.

Cupcake anyone?

Yes I want one but I don't see what this has to do with the FML.

GoW_Chick 14

Don't ever ask why there are cupcakes, just take the damn cupcake and enjoy. :)

http://cup-cake.urbanup.com/1238347 Some cupcakes aren't enjoyable.

47 - thank you! I thought it was a common term...

40 - Just like a pedophile and candy? *proceeds to van marked "free candy"

So when I said I wanted a cupcake......

GoW_Chick 14

If you want to truly love a man you must also love his farts, reminds me of when peter chased Meg around with his farts. XD

Invierno 10

Farting is one thing, to fart with the intention of making your significant other vomit is quite another. That's just downright mean.

GoW_Chick 14

But it's kind of funny right?

Was gunna say sounds like he watches a Lil too much family guy lmao

op should just engulf the farts

Wasn't it when he forced Meg to stay in the car as he passed gas?

chi99y 0

Haha I like how see mentions the family guy thing, gets a lot of likes, and comments, but some guy posts the same thing above her and all he gets is negative votes lol

Love his farts? That just nasty... I'm a dude, I'm married an I would never expect her to love my farts nor would I chase her around attempting to fart near her... Matter of fact I usually try to not to that around her in the first place... I don't wanna smell her feces particles, my guess is she doesn't want to smell mine either

meridius4510 4

I was totally thinking of that episode when I read this FML.