By wils - 24/07/2010 09:49 - United States

Today, after work, I peeled a parking ticket off my windshield. It was so hot that the ink from the ticket made a stamp on my windshield. Now I have a permanent reminder staring me in the face wherever I drive. FML
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rubbing alcohol should take it right off

You could wash your windshield.


And that really sucks :/

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it's there to remind you of the consequences of parking were you aren't supposed to.:) lol

this is fucking awesome XD

rubbing alcohol and a paper towel you moron

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where is the who cares option

Wow you fail #1.

then just wash you windscreen, dipshit

10 I agree, op you should sue.

drive properly next time

32- Your just mad cause your not first.

rubbing alcohol should take it right off

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you have been a bad one....

You could wash your windshield.

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Don't park where you shouldn't next time. And a razor will remove that with ease.

sourgirl101 28

Mercy I like the way you think. My diamonds cut glass. Hehe.

my nipples cut glass ;)

My nipples cut diamonds AND your nipples.


I can't reach my nipples so I could taste them..... D:

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Very akward conversation^

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permanent reminders come from hairstylists not windshields.

no it comes from deciding to become an hero

lol that just makes your day, doesn't it?

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I agree with #18.

You technically deserve it for getting a ticket :O Plus its not that hard to get it off.