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  fkingstooge  |  0

Ummm maybe you should look at the guys point of view.
Husband - maybe knows that he has not had sex with the wife for who knows how long. Etc. Wife got caught cheating.

If not then this guy is a retard and you should piss in his water next time.

  BlackRogue  |  8

99- sometimes women CAN'T have sex when they're pregnant due to difficulties with the pregnancy, and if she WAS caught cheating, there are better ways to deal with it.

  Rowdey  |  10

Why do that? He was just spit shining it for her! ;-)

  XDSmilezXD  |  4

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  pandainspandex  |  19

That's an understatement

  Sinamoi  |  18

What, act like an asshole? That's a trait you can find anywhere and everywhere in the world, my friend.

For every decent person, there is a bad one.

  cameron194  |  9

For every decent person, there's 5 bad.. At least these days anyways ..p.s I don't know how people can vote " you deserved it" on these types of fmls

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Which will turn out into a huge fight. Because as soon as the woman cries, while pregnant during an intense conversation, she's immediately deemed being too hormonal...aka over reacting.


If he thought OP cheated on him and was having an outside baby, he'd probably do more than passive aggressively spit in her drink. He didn't even know that she saw him. He's probably just irritated that he has to do stuff for her, which is stupid and immature and shows he isn't ready to be a father in my opinion.

  laurenlovesjb  |  20

Perdix- If he really thought that he wasn't the father and suspected infidelity, don't you think he would have done something more drastic? Or said something about his suspicions to his wife?

  kniggit  |  10

W-wait, that'd include putting it in your own mouth first before spitting it out. Nasty. Nasty.
This is starting to sound like 2 girls 1 cup.