By akiza - 17/11/2012 02:00 - Japan

Today, I had awful morning sickness, and I asked my husband if he'd get me a drink while I went to the bathroom. On the way back, I witnessed him spitting in the glass. FML
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And that's when you throw it in his face after he hands it to you.

What the fuck!


What the fuck!

Damn, he is probably getting you back for something you did to him?

When she's pregnant? He's probably mad because he has to do more housework or some shit.

New Mio flavor?

chlorinegreen 27

Maybe he's spot cleaning the glass so it's extra clean!

Normally I'd thumb this down, but really.. what the fuck. This man doesn't deserve a child or a wife.

calilovergirl 4

I said the exact same thing...out a restaurant. What the fuck? Maybe it's your husband who's also making you sick!!

85 I really hope you're not serious.

Ummm maybe you should look at the guys point of view. Husband - maybe knows that he has not had sex with the wife for who knows how long. Etc. Wife got caught cheating. If not then this guy is a retard and you should piss in his water next time.

An alcoholic drink? if so (unlikily) after making the drink he tested it, it was so awful he spit it back into the glass.

I usually thumb comments like this down, but it's exactly what went through my head as I read this.

99- sometimes women CAN'T have sex when they're pregnant due to difficulties with the pregnancy, and if she WAS caught cheating, there are better ways to deal with it.

I meant caught before she was pregnant..... The father doesn't know if its his kid?? Narrow minded people lol..

My thoughts exactly

And that's when you throw it in his face after he hands it to you.

Why do that? He was just spit shining it for her! ;-)

lexi365 20

No 19... Just no....

thatpeachyperson 12

Or even better, make him soup for dinner and puke in it.

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But... To spit in her glass?!? That's just not right at all!

Emma Marshall 19

You mean like most women generally feel used for sex? If he wanted kids then he needs to man up.

That's nasty and inconsiderate

bettykooler 7

Little bit more than inconsiderate.

Yeah, that's why she also said nasty. :P

pandainspandex 19

That's an understatement

florido_fml 10

Is that what husbands do in japan?

Sinamoi 18

What, act like an asshole? That's a trait you can find anywhere and everywhere in the world, my friend. For every decent person, there is a bad one.

For every decent person, there's 5 bad.. At least these days anyways ..p.s I don't know how people can vote " you deserved it" on these types of fmls

KM96 24

4 - Is that what racists say on social websites?

Now it's time to confront him and demand answers.

Which will turn out into a huge fight. Because as soon as the woman cries, while pregnant during an intense conversation, she's immediately deemed being too hormonal...aka over reacting.

Pregnant or not, I'd be POed to the max. Hell, woman or not, I'd be pissed the fuck off. :/

He sounds really bitter. I'm so sorry OP, especially since you're about to have a child with him.

perdix 29

Are we sure it's with him? This sounds like he thinks he's not the real dad.

If he thought OP cheated on him and was having an outside baby, he'd probably do more than passive aggressively spit in her drink. He didn't even know that she saw him. He's probably just irritated that he has to do stuff for her, which is stupid and immature and shows he isn't ready to be a father in my opinion.

Perdix- If he really thought that he wasn't the father and suspected infidelity, don't you think he would have done something more drastic? Or said something about his suspicions to his wife?

Someone's passive aggressive

mjh1223 3

Just be glad he wasn't masturbating into it

At least semen has vitamins!

Sure hope it doesn't cum to that. That's just semen a little gross.

Yeah, Vitamin C doesn't stand for Vitamin Cum. The more you know.

It was a joke-_- c'mon guys...

Hey, when you make a dumbass comment, expect to be made fun of.

8- I swear, I had just clicked off this post, until I caught a glimpse of your comment. I just had to go back and read it.

Shed prob like sperm better.....

brohamas16 7

I'd love to hear him try and get away with that

N3766 20

His defense, kiss indirectly...

Spit it back in his face.

W-wait, that'd include putting it in your own mouth first before spitting it out. Nasty. Nasty. This is starting to sound like 2 girls 1 cup.

85 - that escalated quickly