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Today, I was taking the subway to school. I was applying some makeup when I noticed a little boy watching me. When I was finished I heard him whisper to his mom, "I thought make up was supposed to make you pretty." FML
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Quest_ 13

Don't worry OP, he probably meant that you looked prettier without it or something.

FFML_314 11


lol, he's just a little kid, don't dwell on it

MissChelle79 0

make up can't fix ugly... sorry op, I feel for ya

MexRomeo 0

little kids always speak the truth!!!!

maybee you dont know how to use it?????

trust 10 shes an expert on this subject op.

hmm I wonder what the kid's mom looks like?

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#34 i was about to reply sayin u kno all about tht dont you. but u were faster:(

MissChelle79 0

u guys need to lighten up! I'm not ugly and I'm sure the op isn't either... damn learn how to joke around. life isn't that serious

FFML_314 11

34, 36, 37 and 53, are you all paying close attention? Just because you're lonely, miserable, fat and bald doesn't mean you have to take your aggression out on the innocent young lady. Please, refrain from replying, because anything you say from here on out will only continue to add to your humility. Thank you for your input, but your services are no longer required here. Get off this website and go grab a hold of your dignity, because you're letting it slip away!

56 you have no lead of whatsoever of what these people look like and they can say the same for you. Just because you have a display picture doesn't mean we are expected to believe it's you in the picture. For all I know, that could be every attribute of what you listed about you.

sexyscooter 0
sexyscooter 0

56 u aint the pretty either so u have no room to talk, and 34 beat me to it, realized after i typed it

are you the same one who lost your shoe in the subway?

56 You just made yourself look a lot more stupid than the others. And 34 you beat me to it too lol

69 no what? My statement is unbiased and fair....

I'm not sure if 34 and/or 56 are attractive, but you know who IS? Alice Eve.

Schizomaniac 24

All the idiots insulting the appearance of other people, post a picture and then come back. You'll have a tad bit more credibility, but you'll still look like ignorant asswipes. Good day.

FFML_314 11

79 any fool can upload a picture and take credit for it. By the way if that's you in your profile picture. Why couldn't you set a profile picture where we would be able to see your face? Or are you afraid that people might judge you on how you looked?

FFML_314 11

If you spent any time on this website, you would know that I change my picture at least 4 times a day. I'm far from ugly and you will have to dig really deep to find anything that could make me look, sound or be stupid. You are all morons, none of you know how to properly insult somebody and you have now completely failed at life. Black_knight, the picture that he has up is new. His other picture showed his face just fine.

iTaylor 0

man, you guys are mean. quit insulting people :(

86 he was contradicting his statement, when we could hardly see what he looked like. I'm sorry but I don't have tendency to keep up to date with other users changing there user display pic on fml.

Graawr 7

Maybe you were putting too much make up op. Natural is kinda good too though.

FFML_314 11

93, 2 reasons why his statement was not a contradiction. 1. Nowhere in his statement did he say, "come back and insult people when your face is visible in your picture." 2. He did not insult anyones appearance.

sexyscooter 0

umm itaylor, stop using so much god damn make up makes u look like a *****

102 then why would he want us to come back with any sort of picture, if it isn't us. What would his point be? Cause I obviously don't see it.

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you guys are all petty much dumbasses for getting into an e-argument hahahahahhaa

says that man who most likely stole a pic of abs off of google or yahoo or whatever.

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You've never seen artistic photography? 79's pic is a reflection of artistic talent. 79- I love your profile pic!

107; IT IS HER FACE. if you don't like, then don't look at it. it's pretty simple. grow up.

I think 56 lost most of her dignity when she put on those beer glass glasses. assuming that is Her(or him?) in the picture.

PurplePigeon 0

hardy har har 133. "the him" in parentheses was awesome. do keep up with the insults. you're very good at it.

AtrumMessor 1

YDI for wearing hooker makeup... :P

FFML_314 11

You do not know who the OP is so how do you know she is beautiful? Is it because someone implied she was ugly to seem nice and caring you say your beautiful really. That's very stupid of you. I'm only 13 but i and tell easily by the information given in the FML the OP cannot be as 'beautiful' as you think. OP Your Ugly...! ....#6 Your Ugly....! ....Actually i take that back, your kind of sexy! Well your hair is anyways. ^NiceGuyz^

Everyone is beautiful in there own, unique way :P

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Quest_ 13

Don't worry OP, he probably meant that you looked prettier without it or something.