Territorial Pissings

By El Camino - 25/11/2010 21:01 - United States

Today, I parked in a different lot because the one I usually park in was full. When I came back later, a bumper sticker was stuck to the windshield that said, "INCONSIDERATE F***, DON'T PARK HERE AGAIN!" To make matters worse, it was stuck on with a special type of glue, so it can't be removed. FML
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Where did you park? Was it a handicapped space or what? ANYthing can be removed. Take it to a dealership. They can help you.


hahayousucks 3

Having a car is def bad. worst thing to have ever!! Also, just go over it with another stocker

C6Racer 0

Just go over the sticker with another sticker...on the windshield? Yes, brilliant. *sigh*

C6Racer 0

Doc, he specifically said "stocker". They have stickers invisible, apparently. lmao

Your incomplete sentence fails to impress me. A possessive and an adjective do not a sentence make. Nouns and verbs tend to help. We will work on punctuation in lesson 2.

hockeyplayer82 0

and no one likes grammar nazi's so we will continue with your 2 lesson in sociality

You don't need to include an apostrophe in a word if you're not using the apostrophe to show possession or omission.

Hockeyplayer, your generalisation offends me. That would be like me saying, "You are a complete and absolute moron." Except that my generalisation is more likely to be true. There are lots of Grammar Nazis here, and the fact that you don't like us will not make us stop or go away. In fact, your continued use of poor grammar will only bring more of us out of the woodwork.

I'd like to order 10000 of these stickers please.

xlostwithoutu 0

leave it there who gives a damn lol

Ishki, it's whatever the **** I say it is. It's my goddamned lesson. If I wanted to call it Lesson Beta, I could. Demetrius, I was totally expecting this response. But thank you for showing all of us that you're a narrow-minded American. Please realize that every English-speaking country outside the US spells it "generalisation." Americans didn't invent the English language.

I do believe it's called super glue OP, not special glue.

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lmfao! Lesson Beta. That made my night. *Dramatic voice* It looks like Doc just prescribed this thread 50mg of Whoopassitine. Taken by mouth daily.

Draminicaus 0

Sorry. I've been waiting for an opportune time to use that. ^ I think it failed.

YouCantBreakMe 9

Doc, I'm pretty sure everyone knows Americans didn't invent the English language, hence the name English, which goes with England. All smartassery aside, (yes, I just used a word that technically isn't a word) not all Americans are narrow minded. Sorry, I just had to say it.

hockeyplayer82 0

I'm pretty sure when I score a 29 on my act with a 34 on reading and a 33 on science(sadly a 23 on English LOL) I can't be considered a moron.

I'm surprised that you didn't score lower in the English section.

Draminicaus 0

42, it's not grammatically correct to begin a sentence with the word "and." I'm just saying.

Actually, it's perfectly fine to start a sentence with and as long as you don't overdo it and it's not from complete ignorance of proper sentence structure. High school English teachers will generally preach against it, but once you hit college, professors will usually accept it. That doesn't excuse his use of an apostrophe to pluralize Nazi, though.

Draminicaus 0

I see. I just have a generalised knowledge on the subject. Enough to make everybody in my county scowl at me for being a smart-ass. ^_^

Go Doc! And English isn't even America's national language. Hell, we don't even have a national language. So we don't make all the grammar rules. *waits to get yelled at for starting a sentence with a preposition.*

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95-hahahaha English teachers don't even teach English anymore

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Guess your a fucktard, don't it suck to be raped.

roaminginsomniac 0

Where did you park? Was it a handicapped space or what? ANYthing can be removed. Take it to a dealership. They can help you.

guitarheaven789 0

OP probably was an inconsiderate **** and deserved it.

Confront him, and if he doesn't cooperate press charges.

TheDrifter 23

I say be glad he didn't have op's inconsiderate ass towed for double parking across two assigned, paid handicap parking stalls in the parking lot for the next business over.

Mariah162 0

They didn't know who did it. Smart one.