By Baegel - 02/03/2016 01:52 - United States - Havertown

Today, my psycho ex defaced my car. She didn't key it or slash my tires. She posted "TRUMP 2016" bumper stickers all over it. I don't know what glue they use, but it's been 2 hours and I haven't gotten any of them off. FML
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Well aren't you in a sticky situation

Hahaha I'm sorry but that's a great prank. You should count yourself lucky, a real psycho would have done serious damage.

if it's strong glut it will ruin the paint. and it sounds like it is string glue and it's all over his car so it sounds like some pretty serious damage to me

It's not a prank, it's revenge. And it sounds like the psycho ex really ****** up OP's car.

I would rather she key my car, break windows, slash tires, or even sugar in the gas tank over any Trump paraphernalia any where near me.

You know #105 there was no need to be an asshole about that. It could've been any form of glue, from regular glue all the way to industrial glue. Superglue is the most common high strength glue, so while yes it could be superglue, there is nothing that obviously points to it. Being a miserable asshole to others doesn't make you any happier, so why would you do it?

Why bother with that? It's probably just the bumper sticker glue. Cut em off with a razor blade and then use Goo Gone.

Now you have to worry about other people damaging your car for having trump stickers on it.. that's pretty Shitty op

I mean, that's a good thing, free stickers for the best candidate.

Trump is the farthest thing from the best candidate

And who do you want, Hillary? She's the farthest thing from intelligent.

Lol no his economic policies will bankrupt the country

BEN CARSON 2016... i no he can't win shut up I like him

Bernie Sanders will not bankrupt this country. We're already in debt and nothing will change, unless we can make things better for our country. If everyone could go to college for free, then they could afford to get the better jobs. And why not make it free? High school is free, teachers still have their jobs. Would you pay so little each year to ensure your children and their children could go to college for free? Or would you rather pay $30k a year out of your pocket or loans to get your child the education they need to find a better job for themselves. Unless you are fine with them making $7 an hour and not being able to support themselves. Also, if he raises the minimum wage I'm pretty sure less people would be on welfare. At least they could support themselves then. It hasn't changed in 7 years and in that time the cost of living has risen. It makes no sense. If people can go to college and get a higher education, odds are they can get that better paying job. I don't see how it will bankrupt our country to raise the minimum wage a few bucks and make college education free for everyone. But I guess you would rather pay for criminals to get 3 meals a day or pay for a war than see a child get the better education they deserve.

Good to see someone who values the monetary well-being of their country.

If someone superglued presidential campaign stickers all over my car I'd be pissed, even if they were for a candidate that wasn't intellectually vapid.

Trump is better than both Bernie and Hillary.

But that's not how economics work you imbecile, look it's quite simple, if you are in debt, which we are 20 trillion actually (thanks Obama), than you cut back on spending until your debt is payed.

Also if you pay the minimum wage people lose there jobs... For instance if Walmart had to pay a minimum of 10.50 an hour (not even 15) that would eat up almost 50% of there profits, do you think they'll let that happen? No they'll fire multiple employees until they have the minimum necessary to operate, while those people will make more than they did before what about the others???? Again these are economic concepts Bernie and his fans have never heard of, what needs to happen in this country is low tax policies on companies who provide jobs here, and low interest loans for the upper middle and lower upper classes that allow people to start businesses.

What we need in this country is a moderate conservative who has fiscally conservative ideals but socially liberal ideals, believe it or not before I realized I'd be voting this election and was uninformed I supported Bernie, when I got educated on the topic I found that my views apart from immigration mostly line up with Donald Trump, I doubt you will actually do it but look up Trumps actual policy positions, he's actually an extremely liberal republican (for instance he doesn't want to defund planned parenthood, and he supports restrictions on wallstreet) and his outrageous comments are aimed at the diehard republicans, which he is using to win the primaries, I'd bet MY MINIMUM WAGE SALORY that he stops with all the build a wall and kick out the Muslim bs the day after he becomes the republican candidate

Also I'd like to point out how hilariously liberal this app is.

Literally a worse punishment that literal damage to the car, I feel sorry for you buddy

so are you saying you literally feel sorry for him o.o you didn't clarify.

As far as I'm concerned, that is literal damage.

Do you even kneo anything about Trump's immigration policy? Because that's not how anything works

Put Bernie Sanders posters and stickers on her car. And write "feel the bern" on it. :D sorry she did that to you OP.

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They feel the bern cause they don't want to earn

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You come up with that all by yourself? You have the wit of an average Trump supporter, congratulations!