By Amanda - 02/07/2011 05:33 - United States

Today, I went to the carnival with a guy I like. When we went on the big scary ride where you flip upside down a lot, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, I threw up on him. FML
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By Anonymous - 03/01/2010 16:35 - United States

Today, I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling with the lights off. It was 1AM, and I'd just finished watching a scary movie, so I was a little paranoid. I was about to fall asleep, when an eerie light lit the room. I jumped, got tangled in the sheets, and hit my head against the bed frame. Where'd the light come from? Not a space ship. Not someone breaking in. It was my phone. FML
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I take it that was a no then...



I take it that was a no then...

you mean it was a yes

Ahaha same here.

it was a hell yea! not a yes.


"Sorry I get projectile vomiting when I'm nervous."

he should have reconsidered after that

I've been turned on by vomit ever since I saw Two Girls One Cup. Hopefully your boyfriend is too.

your name goes good with your comment ..

awe that sucks :( hopefully you explained afterward that it wasn't the question that made you puke lol

smooth move, exlax. well it's really his fault for asking you out on a ride your stomach can't handle. next time go with him on a ferris wheel or in a love tunnel like normal people.. silly

Awkward! Hopefully he can laugh it off later...

that video is the most disgusting thing ever. I do not know a girl that can poo that much...

Probably not the body fluids he was after...

"Today, I decided I would ask my date to be my girlfriend. We went to the carnival and everything was going well, so I popped in the question. That's when she threw up on me. FML"

I wonder if it's still going to get moderated. I mean, you said the 'f' word, but you weren't actually f*rst.

damn that's unlucky , but don't you know how to aim

offer to shower with him

I like this idea ;) ha

So, that's how you do it on Oklahoma?

that made me lol haha

Unfortunately, that's exactly how we do it. I'm not proud, I'm trying to escape.

Actually that's only one way we do it in Oklahoma..

It sucks, don't deny it. Atleast we don't live in Kansas.

where in from that's second base haha

yes cuz doing it during a "scary" ride is the appropriate time lol most people would have chose a Ferris Wheel

You sir are quite an ass hole, Oklahoma is country and god damn proud of it son!

Aaawwww man that sucks but I'm sure next time he asks you out he will take cover

Haha how did things go after that?

If I was that guy I would have been happy with it because I have a vomit fetish.

thats not creepy in the least....

that's just weird... I on the other hand have a vomit phobia.

Wtf that's gross

he probably took that well

Ouch. Hopefully he still wants you anyway and in a few months/years you'll have a good laugh about it.

never do something you can't do...on a first date

hopefully he takes that a a 'yes'.