By Amanda - 02/07/2011 05:33 - United States

Today, I went to the carnival with a guy I like. When we went on the big scary ride where you flip upside down a lot, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, I threw up on him. FML
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I take it that was a no then...



I take it that was a no then...

wintamint101 7

you mean it was a yes

babybass009 3

Ahaha same here.

whybother8 0

it was a hell yea! not a yes.


zakkyzebra 11

"Sorry I get projectile vomiting when I'm nervous."

he should have reconsidered after that

I've been turned on by vomit ever since I saw Two Girls One Cup. Hopefully your boyfriend is too.

your name goes good with your comment ..

garrettsgirl 0

awe that sucks :( hopefully you explained afterward that it wasn't the question that made you puke lol

smooth move, exlax. well it's really his fault for asking you out on a ride your stomach can't handle. next time go with him on a ferris wheel or in a love tunnel like normal people.. silly

Awkward! Hopefully he can laugh it off later...

that video is the most disgusting thing ever. I do not know a girl that can poo that much...

Probably not the body fluids he was after...

"Today, I decided I would ask my date to be my girlfriend. We went to the carnival and everything was going well, so I popped in the question. That's when she threw up on me. FML"

cenax27 0

hell ye

TeaLover_fml 0


DKjazz 20

I wonder if it's still going to get moderated. I mean, you said the 'f' word, but you weren't actually f*rst.

carmenm 6

damn that's unlucky , but don't you know how to aim

iSitt 0

offer to shower with him

carmenm 6

I like this idea ;) ha

So, that's how you do it on Oklahoma?

Lexi_Ray 5

that made me lol haha

Unfortunately, that's exactly how we do it. I'm not proud, I'm trying to escape.

mignon1976 0

Actually that's only one way we do it in Oklahoma..

It sucks, don't deny it. Atleast we don't live in Kansas.

where in from that's second base haha

missIrene 6

yes cuz doing it during a "scary" ride is the appropriate time lol most people would have chose a Ferris Wheel

You sir are quite an ass hole, Oklahoma is country and god damn proud of it son!

isabel22 0

Aaawwww man that sucks but I'm sure next time he asks you out he will take cover

Haha how did things go after that?

If I was that guy I would have been happy with it because I have a vomit fetish.

notverysuperdean 9

thats not creepy in the least....

that's just weird... I on the other hand have a vomit phobia.

Wtf that's gross

imnotcraZ 0

he probably took that well

Ouch. Hopefully he still wants you anyway and in a few months/years you'll have a good laugh about it.

himynameischeese 6

never do something you can't do...on a first date

hopefully he takes that a a 'yes'.