By Mustang - 05/08/2010 01:13 - United States

Today, some jerk super glued leaves and a note onto my car's front windshield. Not only is it directly in front of the driver's seat and makes it nearly impossible to drive, but it won't come off. What makes it worse? I was spending the night at a friend's house and the note was meant for her. FML
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Raleigh_bruh 7

What did the note say..? I'm so curious. :o

starlitgrl 0

looks like your friend is in some deep shit with people lol


Actually, you're 'FIRST!!' to look like a retard.

AmadeusMop 0

uhh buy a new windshield for about 150 bucks...

kidsanchez1 4

ydi for having a friend who might be in troubled

DianeArmstrong 0
yarbles 3
Kimberly_Isabel 7

hunt the idiot who pasted that onto your car and the smash his windshield, leaving a note saying you got the wrong person.

MhP_fml 0

I would say to yell at your friend, but that would just create a sticky situation.

lilweapon 0

sounds like a mystery better call the hardly boys.

ellielovesyuh 0

lmao @25 xD and why do people make such a big deal outta being first. no one gives a ****. xP

kidsanchez1 4

30 because it's there first time getting first in anything

kellanlvr 1

it's just leaves they'll go away eventually :)

25- I think you mean the mystery machine.

pnutbutterandkel_fml 0

This FML reminds me of that episode of Scrubs where Turk gets the gum stuck on his windshield. x]

hey does anyone know how long it typically takes for a fml post to be published?

YDI for hanging around with black people

I'm too tired to type out this whole FML. YDI for making me exhausted.

haha I remember in high school I super glue my teacher and a student there stuck for 2 hours lol

I usually just bust a loaf all over a few windshields at the local mall when I go...

I'm sorry my f u c k I n g iPod has s h I t t y keys what I meant to say is that I usually just bust a LOAD on a few windshields whenever I go to the local mall

benny2465 0

WTF super glue can easily be torn off

tannarox 0

use nail polish remover with acetone!

Brittney_E 0

who the hell does that what a dipshit.. fyl

BoredReader88 5

Haha.. Ingenious idea.. But that sucks that it happened to you OP.. FYL

turtlemansam 6
cheergirly16 0

Make that asshoole clean it up or you'll eat alll her coookiess.:)

Raleigh_bruh 7

What did the note say..? I'm so curious. :o

it said, "Raleigh is a cool black dude."

cheergirly16 0
Raleigh_bruh 7

I'm not black, but thanks for thinking I'm cool. :p And thank you person above me.

Fine, are you Peruvian? Just kiddin. But seriously, what ethnicity are you?

Raleigh_bruh 7

I'm Mexican and Jamaican. With some Native American, White, and Haitian mixed in.

Jamaicans are usually black... At least, last time I went there.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Saying I'm Black categorizes me as solely being just that. Which would be wrong.

When they go to night school the teacher marks them absent, too. Okay, okay. No more racism jokes for me tonight.

I don't think anyone is solely anything these days.

I bet you didn't know I'm part cyclops, Freeze.

Raleigh_bruh 7

I don't think anyone is considered Black for having more Mexican in them than anything else either. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Chrisskiies 0

I'm solely( is that even spelt right?) Mexican. Just born on US soil. But then again Mexicans are just Europeans mixed with Native Americans... 0.o

Chrisskiies 0

No Raleigh your just black with a lil of everything else in between, lol jk.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Lol. False, Chris. And give me your hat dude. :/

Chrisskiies 0

Oh so my joke is false? Which makes it true then? Lol. Hmm no I cannot the hat is mine, but my hat found a terrible, horrendous fate. :O So Ima go buy a new one, different. :)

Raleigh_bruh 7

I didn't read the 'jk' part, speed reading failed me again. What happened to the hat?

Chrisskiies 0

It unraveled ahaha so the sides are are gone just the part that goes on top of the hat. Lmao, so I'm going to get a black one now. Lol

Raleigh do you know what tribe you are? Haha weird question, but I'm curious cause I'm native american too... and I'm apache. (Best tribe)

...super glue remover? and yes #9 is really attractive

DianeArmstrong 0

Make your friend pay for a new windshield.. it WAS kind of her fault, unless it was some crazy stalker guy then she's cool..

porro182 0

still her fault for being hot!

starlitgrl 0

looks like your friend is in some deep shit with people lol