Today, I found a $100 bill on the ground and was thinking, "I'm so lucky!!" I opened my wallet to find that $300 was missing. I looked back and saw some guy picking up $300. FML

By sdauner / Monday 1 March 2010 21:55 / United States
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

And you would have proved it how? Unless you have the serial numbers committed to memory, I doubt many people would've believed you and returned it. I probably would have but I'm a softy. OP, time to buy a new wallet. How the bloody hell does $300 just fall out?

  jpgray1982  |  0

I'm thinking that maybe he had a bunch of money, maybe after cashing a paycheck or something. He dropped $400, then sees $100 of it thinking "sweet more money". As it turned out it was his and someone else was finding the rest of it.

  asianwolf  |  2

I love it. there are actually people that are so desperate and low-lifed on fml that they try to hit on people on the Internet. seriously go hit on people at a bar or somewhere else.

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