By rapturezz - 06/06/2011 07:55 - United States

Today, my ex-girlfriend told my entire family and all my friends that we broke up because I came out to her. They all believe her. Twenty two texts and counting. FML
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Olovio 5

Are you kidding 40? I laughed so hard I came.

Bitches be crazy when you do them dirty.


ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

1 - she told his family he was gay and they believed her.

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Olovio 5

Are you kidding 40? I laughed so hard I came.

not really a fml. all u gota say is ur not gay and shes a bitch. its as easy as that

PurpleRae420 0

Maybe it's time to tell your whole family to go **** themselves and then move far far away **** family all they are is DRAMA

HarryMcC 1

no 69 all you are is DRAMA!

so wait op, you didn't clarify, are you or are you not gay?? are you sure??

69-- Do you deliberately set yourself up to get thumbed down with each comment you write? You must have some social skills!

imacreeper 3

93, OP isn't gay. he states "and they believe her" therefore saying that she lied:)

95 Ikk! every single comment ive seen her post gets buried

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tell everyone she had aids and that's the real reason you broke up

69- I can't help but notice that every comment you make on every FML receives multiple dislikes. is that not a hint?

Not aids...that kills people and is serous, herpes that just sucks

Eggers 2

Or one really horny gay friend

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can I be a douche and sound immature without you guys flipping? that's what se said 25

no 29 im going to get mad because u messed up the phrase with a misspelling

Look who's talking 29, your grammar blows balls.

rallets 22

52, says the one typing "u" instead of "you"

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I would say it's just cause she actually has a penis and since you were dating her and she had a penis that was what she was talking about

braasilianx0 4

and a physco ex-girlfriend

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She said "I like your style"? Wow, very nice one 29.

Bitches be crazy when you do them dirty.

Then don't do them dirty and they won't become bitches.

I wouldn't care too much if I was the OP. People thinking you are gay is not a big thing, they'll all find out you're not after a while anyway. When they do find out they'll know what you know now: your ex is crazy, and believe me, in the end this'll hurt her more than it'll hurt you especially if you both know a lot of the same people.

fo sho them crazy BZ's are trippin on a playas nutz. hahaha

when op said came to her, does he mean ****?

73- you need to improve your Photoshop shills, m'love

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I don't understand this FML. Maybe it is just me though?

his girlfriend told everyone they broke up cause he was gay. am i right?

lovinit5683 0

You probably are. I just didn't get it because of the way it is written.

Yeah what six said. OPs girlfriend told everyone that he's gay and has a small dick

Zombieslayer1 0

You are right in your translation.

yes marinus; gay, small dick, pigmy testicles........


Thank you longing, that was the joke.

#60 If she would tell his family that he's gay, it's understood that she would say he had a small dick. Good job reading between the lines #20.

so tell all of them that u broke up becuse of her tolding u she has herpes?

you don't go and tell everyone your ex has herpes. that will probably take away your chances on getting laid even more than people believing you are gay.

HAHA i dont know , just tired and really dont think .. then tell everybody she's a shemale n got a big black dick who's goin to **** all of them in the backdoor. makes no sense but who gives a **** ... 0.o

sourgirl101 28

Bad idea,7. If someone said that their ex has herpes, I'd automatically think that they do too. Sleeping with someone with an STD means chances are you caught it too.

Most people already have herpes anyway :-)

frankgrimes 4

her tolding you? you sir are an idiot

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yeah yeah whatever ... i dont give a shieeet!

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110 , that's nice! happy to hear that :-)

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117- I like your attempt at being passive aggressive there. I can 'tolding' that you really tried.

iAmScrubs 19

She's a complete maniac! It's worse than Godzilla! She must be stopped!

go buy yourself a bottle(if your old enough) or make everyone think she got an abortion.

sourgirl101 28

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say But nothin comes out when they move their lips; Just a bunch of gibberish And motherfuckers act like they forgot about dre

Me 'n dre stood next to a burnt down house, with can full of gas 'n a handful of matches, and still weren't found out...

sourgirl101 28

I guess they did forget about Dre. What happened to all the Eminem fans? (: I thought of these lyrics when I read 17's comment because I couldn't make heads or tails of it!

eminemchick 19

thank god eminem was rapping in that song. slim shadyy hotter than a set of twin babiess in a mercedes benz wit the windows up and the temp goes up to the mid-80s :)

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the little bitch, tell the people who might in the future go out with her that you guys broke it off cuz she used to have a dick.

Then people would really think he's gay.

54 - not necessarily, if she says he's gay and then he says he broke up with her cause she has a dick then, it kinda backfires lol

That sucks, I would hate it if people thought I was gay.

well, if you're straight, then yes, there is something wrong with being perceived as gay. if you're gay, it's a win-win! :D |the kid|

nothing wrong, whats wrong is when you mislead other people