By woodre - 02/09/2011 04:48 - United States

Today, I was emptying a bag of grass from my lawn mower when I saw pieces of what used to be a 50 dollar bill. FML
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SlyTail 5

:/ you killed it.

Why was a 50 dollar bill just lying on the floor unnoticed?


SlyTail 5

:/ you killed it.

The one that got away....

major sad face! D: tape it back together!:D yeah that won't work..

Today, I was taking a walk through my neighborhood, with the money i earned from spending hours and hours at work. By the end of my stroll, I noticed it was gone and turned around to see a jackass take out pieces of my $50 from the lawnmower. FML

Where I live you can replace ripped bills for a new one, but shredded bills...tough luck.

xoconnie 8

congrats, ur $50 poorer

fakeaccountX 6

At least you're not Mr. Krabs; you would die of a heart attack by now.

I think there's a department of the gov't where you can send in the pieces of a damaged bill and if your reason/story explaining how the bill got damaged they'll try ans piece it back and cut you a check.

Hmm, it could have been worse. For instance, last year I left my wallet on the bus - the wallet was a present worth $600 and it contained all my cards and approximately $400 in cash :( .

55 show off -.-

20- thatwaslame.

55- that's why you never carry that much cash on you.

Bubble shut up you emoassgaybitchlickingpenis

Xtra_Cheddar 3

That's illegal sir. . . or maybe that's burning money

Watch where you're mowing! FYL, I would never look for money if I were cutting the grass.

Grass? Money? Sounds fishy..

I'm glad in Australia, $50 notes are yellow!

Hayman68 4

so is dead grass

in Canada theyre red :)

It's blue in Singapore! You can't miss it!

sxe_beast 11

Destroying U.S. currency is illegal. You're going to jail.

Why was a 50 dollar bill just lying on the floor unnoticed?

dstivers 0

Don't you mean grass?

He's mowin the floor!

Why do people like 11 take selfies of themselves in the bathroom? It does not make you look cool. Unless you're that guy who has a picture who looks like Gibby off iCarly, then he is cool.

The bathroom -usually- has a mirror from which they can easily use to take an accurate photo of themselves.

RedPillSucks 31

Today I went on FML to watch people make snarky/rude/pointless replies to each other and all I saw was this well reasoned and to-the-point reply. FML.

GwarKitty 5

23- What a head -_-

Thats unfortunate :(

bizarre_ftw 21

Your luck is so bad you turn good luck sour!!!! (assuming that $50 wasn't originally yours)

daydreamer244 13

at least it wasn't a 100 dollar bill. gotta think positive. :D

NotAPedo 0

Cause everybody's day brightens up when they just learned that they lost 50 bucks.

rebekahah 7

Dang :(

AshleyCole 0

Unless your dirt poor, that's not much to be upset over..

yamatelle 19

14- $50 could have bought me a new pair of underwear, a pack of beer, a hooker for one night, and if I'm lucky enough, 2 nights, and you're telling me not to be upset?!?! Huh?!

EvilDave 13

Where do you live that hookers charge less than $20.00? Or, do you have no standards at all?

30 - He's looking for a hooker, I don't think he has any standards.

The newer hookers don't know how much to charge yet, so they're fairly cheap ;)

yamatelle 19

30&31- First of all, I'm a girl, not a guy. Get your fucking facts straight. Second, can you take a joke? If you don't understand sarcasm, then by God, this is not the site for you. So, shut the fuck up and get the fuck off my tits! Good day :)

"can you take a joke?" Maybe they can, but you proved you sure can't. :P

stacianichole 2

I hope that "pack of beer" is just what your $7.99 a night hookers like...

yamatelle 19

65- Hookers love beer. Don't ask me how I know this..

It's true. We do love beer.....and crack. But mostly beer. *nervously scratches face*

U must be a snotty rich girl!!

Ur probably som snotfaced child who gets money from their parents every moment. Ur parents probably wipe u asscrack with cottonelle or baby wipes

haha gotta agree with 88!

Ohyeah 97 preach it

nateym 0

Or 50$ bills