By woodre - 02/09/2011 04:48 - United States

Today, I was emptying a bag of grass from my lawn mower when I saw pieces of what used to be a 50 dollar bill. FML
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Why was a 50 dollar bill just lying on the floor unnoticed?


major sad face! D: tape it back together!:D yeah that won't work..

Today, I was taking a walk through my neighborhood, with the money i earned from spending hours and hours at work. By the end of my stroll, I noticed it was gone and turned around to see a jackass take out pieces of my $50 from the lawnmower. FML

Where I live you can replace ripped bills for a new one, but shredded bills...tough luck.

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At least you're not Mr. Krabs; you would die of a heart attack by now.

I think there's a department of the gov't where you can send in the pieces of a damaged bill and if your reason/story explaining how the bill got damaged they'll try ans piece it back and cut you a check.

Hmm, it could have been worse. For instance, last year I left my wallet on the bus - the wallet was a present worth $600 and it contained all my cards and approximately $400 in cash :( .

55- that's why you never carry that much cash on you.

Bubble shut up you emoassgaybitchlickingpenis

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That's illegal sir. . . or maybe that's burning money

Watch where you're mowing! FYL, I would never look for money if I were cutting the grass.

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Destroying U.S. currency is illegal. You're going to jail.

Why was a 50 dollar bill just lying on the floor unnoticed?

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Why do people like 11 take selfies of themselves in the bathroom? It does not make you look cool. Unless you're that guy who has a picture who looks like Gibby off iCarly, then he is cool.

The bathroom -usually- has a mirror from which they can easily use to take an accurate photo of themselves.

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Today I went on FML to watch people make snarky/rude/pointless replies to each other and all I saw was this well reasoned and to-the-point reply. FML.

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Your luck is so bad you turn good luck sour!!!! (assuming that $50 wasn't originally yours)

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at least it wasn't a 100 dollar bill. gotta think positive. :D

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Cause everybody's day brightens up when they just learned that they lost 50 bucks.

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Unless your dirt poor, that's not much to be upset over..

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14- $50 could have bought me a new pair of underwear, a pack of beer, a hooker for one night, and if I'm lucky enough, 2 nights, and you're telling me not to be upset?!?! Huh?!

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Where do you live that hookers charge less than $20.00? Or, do you have no standards at all?

30 - He's looking for a hooker, I don't think he has any standards.

The newer hookers don't know how much to charge yet, so they're fairly cheap ;)

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30&31- First of all, I'm a girl, not a guy. Get your ******* facts straight. Second, can you take a joke? If you don't understand sarcasm, then by God, this is not the site for you. So, shut the **** up and get the **** off my ****! Good day :)

"can you take a joke?" Maybe they can, but you proved you sure can't. :P

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I hope that "pack of beer" is just what your $7.99 a night hookers like...

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65- Hookers love beer. Don't ask me how I know this..

It's true. We do love beer.....and crack. But mostly beer. *nervously scratches face*

Ur probably som snotfaced child who gets money from their parents every moment. Ur parents probably wipe u asscrack with cottonelle or baby wipes