By APoorGuy - 15/03/2016 12:08 - United States - Chevy Chase

Today, I found $20 on the ground. I'm so broke, this is the first time in 3 months that I've had any disposable income. FML
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Hey, why are you complaining? Free $20!

Are you going to start popping some tags?


Hey, why are you complaining? Free $20!

More like fuck the life of the poor sod who lost this $20.

Are you going to start popping some tags?

Maybe you should spend less time on a computer or mobile device and go get a sustainable income

Aww, isn't that a little unsympathetic? No one can work 24/ fact, I believe periods of rest and relaxation here and there will generally help keep you happier and more productive. There are many reasons why OP might have a computer even though he's poor (ie: he is a student) and I think everyone deserves the occasional break without that invalidating their problems :P

I'd like to know where you go the information to accuse OP of spending so much time online?

It's pretty much impossible to get a job that has you as a declared and legal employee without a computer.

Maybe he got his phone for free. Maybe he is using an old computer.

Good things come in threes . Maybe this is the start of a lucky spell. Keep smiling, it'll get better.

I don't see how this is an FML, you found money. It sucks that you are low on funds though

Fun fact: disposable income is income after taxes.

Thanks jake from state farm

If finding a penny is lucky, twenty bucks must be magical! Cheer up, OP!

Invest it in something secure, like a local music band. They'll probably be the next One Direction and bingo! You're a millionaire.

Mayne there'll be 20 more. Good luck, OP