By militiousroflcopter - 01/03/2010 22:04 - United States

Today, I had to catch a shuttle bus. I awoke to the sound of a car horn. I ran out in my boxers and saw a bus take off down the road. I chased it, thinking I had missed my bus. I realized I hadn't only when I saw frightened kids in the back of the bus. FML
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so you were gonna get on the bus with only your boxers on?

We've been meaning to talk to you. We think you might have a drinking problem.


isabelle99_fml 0

tht sux

FireNinja 3

that's when you know you need coffee YOU ALL LOST THE GAME

fireninja- screw u!

Was ypur penis sticking out of your boxers? And l2 pants

You didn't notice the bus was yellow

I use to think they were orange. Sight fail on my part O_o

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground!

In Soviet Russia, bus chases you down in your boxers. :|]

Hey, they were frightened for a reason. I wish I had seen this.. I would have taken pictures.

someones getting arrested

the "game" is stupid. i hope it dies. eff its whole damn exsistence. ...that is all.

Pearljammer001 0

(bus driver; 1) (you; 0)

all right, now I will explain the rules of "The game" to every one because she is bitching about it. now the object of the game is to not think about the game. for example, if someone comented i lost the game, whoever looked at the comment thought of it, meaning that they lost too. now this game is not over until the prime minister of britan clearly says "the game is over" As he Does not know this game exists, it continues. hope this helped! ...too bad u all just lost :P

this is the funniest fml Ever!!!!!!!!

colonel_samders0 0

this should definitely be made into an illustrated fml

blitzen123 0

Those poor kids!

did the kids like it?

some of them are orange

In my Fathers Birthplace of Iraq bus chases you down in boxers and blows up!!! LOL

PedoBearSaysYES 0

lol no it doesn't suck I do that all the time excet nakid :D glee

been playing the game since 6th grade. I love making people lose.

so you were gonna get on the bus with only your boxers on?

This was obviously not a well thought out plan. I'll go ahead and let you blame it on the adrenaline because your name is great. Next time, just acknowledge that the bus won.

LTMcleod 0

I say fake, not even an FML, if anythings an FML, it should be your lack of witt.

wow. you fail at life

dude is that a guy hugging u?

That would just be wrong, morning wood, in his boxers AND he is chasing after a bus full kids? Some random person might just whoop his ass for that.

or....a girl with manly arms?

He's carrying his husband in his arms

MF12 0

does it matter?

nomnommonster 0

yes, yes it does. it's a very curious photo. gots me thinking. :D

iSwag 0

lol @17 that's what I was seriously what's up with the pic?

ambrz 0

#72 I love ur lips;)

We've been meaning to talk to you. We think you might have a drinking problem.

This sounds like some really lame 'comedy' from the 90's.. I call BS.

I hope you had some pants on

cookie_monster2 0

STFU snicks. I never had any problem with you but now your getting on my nerves.

snick is right though.....he oviously DIDNT have pants on if he ran out in only boxers.....jeez

Or maybe he's such a failure he had his boxers over his pants. ^^

haha that's silly 

if you had morning wood, fyl. Otherwise, ydi...