By Anonymous - / Wednesday 22 April 2009 00:17 / Canada
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You should have went up to her and told her what happened, not that it probably would have worked. I'm sorry. :( That really sucks.

u could've tried to ask her where she found it and explain to her the situation worst case scenario she doesnt believe you and you are in the same position best case she gives u it back or out of pity gives it to you and you are allowed to turn on ur phone regardless that sucks dude sorry

I don't know the whole story obviously, but from what I get YDI for leaving $100 in cashing laying around for people to take.

YDI for using cash to pay a bill like that. Get a bank account or Credit card to use for this type of thing; don't rely on cash.

I had the same thing happening to me once, but with less money and less damage. Lost 20 euro at the door of a private party. Next day a friend says 'whoa was a good party, I even found 20 euro :D'. 'Oh, did you happend to find it at the door maybe?' 'Yeah, why?' 'I lost 20 euro at the door, so you most likely found my money...' 'Oh well thanks for the free drinks then'. FYL!

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