By Anonymous - 09/10/2010 21:27 - Canada

Today, I went shopping with a friend. She picked up a hundred dollars on the floor that somebody dropped. I told her, "I feel sorry for the retard who dropped the money." When I got home, I checked my purse and realized that I was missing a hundred dollars. FML
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Why do people use the word 'retard' in that way? YDI for being ignorant and cruel.

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haaa karma bit you in the ass big time


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Haha aww that sucks! Try to tell her?

just call her n tell her the hundred was yours? if she is ur friend she shouldn't be skeptical.

Op ydi for not thinking. How many people walk around with 100 dollar bills or 100$ in change exactly the same as you had? YDI for not checking.

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I saw a facebook status that was like this, one girl posted that she found $100 and the post below it was a girl that had $100 missing from her purse. that was on failbook I believe.

The bill pulled a Houdini on you! 

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50 Why do you pout your lips like that? It doesn't make you look cute.

today, my friend dropped a hundred dollars on the floor. I picked it up and told her about it. she told me she felt sry for the retard who dropped it there. I later had to return it to her

I feel sorry for anyone who carries around a hundred dollar bills.

Astroman129 (aka #92): Your profile picture is very cropped and looks awkward. From the looks of it you were using Safari on an iPod touch or the iPhone. For future pictures try pressing the lock and home buttons at the same time. Then go to pictures. Just a little tip there. Don't think I was trying to insult you.

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56- It looks like she's having trouble picking a wedgie. :p

hahaha wowwww!! ydi for being retarded

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Why do people use the word 'retard' in that way? YDI for being ignorant and cruel.

31 You used the word "gay" in a cruel sense too, dumbass.

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I hate when people call people a 'retard' and 'retarded..

quit being so gay you overly sensative retard.

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#7- The word retard isn't really used to refer to actual mentally handicapped people anymore.

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That's pretty retarded. Maybe next time you won't keep that much cash on you at one time. ydi for not keeping track of your money.

With your logic, they can't ever buy anything over 100 dollars away from ordering it. Yeah, that makes sense.

and this is what happens when we through the word 'retard' around freely. what retard would carry that much money around loosely? no, you aren't retarded, you're an idiot.

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I'm not sure if you know the meaning of holding money loosely. she stated that it was in her purse. so loosely might not be the right word for this.

9, you've proved to be a retard, throw and throw. 32, if the money was in a wallet it wouldn't have fallen out without her seeing the wallet itself... so yes, saying she had it thrown in "loosely" fits just fine, in my opinion.

quit being so gay you overly sensative retard.

If you're trying to correct me, that was intentional... Read comment 9. If you're just taking this oppotunity to call me a retard... Fair enough.

thank you for your correction, I did realize my mistake the second after the post. I just didn't care enough to go back and tell people what I meant to say for two reasons. 1. the meaning is obvious 2. I don't mind the opinions of those on FML

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I need to go to the store later, want to come?