By themanontheright - 01/03/2010 20:50 - United States

Today, my boss was using my computer and tried to copy and paste a website URL. It must not have copied first, because it pasted a URL to a porn site. I think I should start looking for a new job. FML
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YDI for looking uo porn at work. Seriously, who does that!?


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haha dummy

what is atleast a decent porn site? ps @1 go htown!!

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holy shit there's only one comment on number one!! I think i'll change that lol

ouchthatsux 0

ill change it too

who still watches porn?

Did he ask for 10 minutes alone

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poop in my butthole

who's a bitch? surely not me!

#17 has a good avatar.

dumb that's what the iPod touch is for

AngryNinja 1

i think op's jealous. he/she thought they were the only porn-tube Da Boss would ever need.

Lol do you touch yourself at work too?

You need to wash your grubby dik beaters.

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damn strait

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66. Thats a display picture, not an avatar.

Maybe you guys should have a threeway with his assistant but you secretly use protection and then he'll be stuck with the child support it's the perfect crime. that way he'll be paying somebody elses check and then she can be your booty call

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number 17 ur from Houston?

@99 yupp I am! @45 I still watch porn.....*awkward silence*

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I like Houston. like Austin better though.

I haven't been to Austin in forever. and lol I like your username hahaha

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#17 admitted to doing anal on herself...o.O

wtf?? where? no I didn't. I don't do anal..

Blagh. Yuck. Houston is the asshole of Texas. All metaphorical extensions apply in full.

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I am also replying number 1 haha

perdix 29

BlueBomber, Houston is a great place to live, but keep thinking that way and tell everyone you know. If the word got out how wonderful it is to live here, we'd be overrun with pretentious assholes in no time!

I love these fmls he probably checked it out

what! perdix lives in the same city as me? FUCK YEAH! now I can die in peace.

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haha how many of us are from Houston? I am! I know perdix is. and that other pretty girl is.

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haha yes perdix wins!

d'aw thanks pearljammer :D

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Long conversations about cities fail... btw Chicago FTW!!!!

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I'm from Houston too!! just moved from Dayton. lol I think Houston pol read this more than anyone else lol

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congrats on moving to Houston, home of the worlds greatest fml commentor; Perdix!!!

wisconsin=win over any other state. just saying (:

deathcab is so cute :) you have really pretty eyes :)

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Eww... Well...what did your boss say?

blitzen123 is cute too!

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I'm in Houston too. I didn't realize there were so many of us on here.

wooo go PA... Maybe I should head to Houston for spring break... I hear it's above freezing there :-P

Another reply... lol and OP YDI

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hey, since this isn't long enough already, I moved to Houston recently too! and I like it :) didn't realize there were so many others around here

Aww, maybe I need to move to Houston. Let me tell you, Oklahoma blows harder than its historical tornadoes. =

this is strangely similar to another post about young virgin aholes

Houston is gay GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!

omgomgomg all of us houstonians should have a get-together!! lol jk and yeah 154 Canada rocks! :)

perdix 29

blankettt, You are so right! I used to travel to Tulsa on business and . . . snoozers! Come visit Houston on May 8 for the Art Car Parade. It is unbelievable!

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@123 I'm from Houston too!!

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Minnesota is the worst state in America. never visit us. unless it's summer

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oh, and u to ^^^

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let's break a record for comment replies!

Alaska is the best okay

admitted to doing yourself anal again possible how??

@ 177 I believe you could attempt it with something called a "dolid" (unscramble for the answer :-P)

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I was wondering the same thing.

I can't stop thinking about Left 4 Dead right now.

Wow, every single comment in this thread has negative likes...

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you fail. at life.

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my old** manager got caught looking at porn on the office computer haa.

let's go fishin' .

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he's right

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he who?

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Yeah. What #3 said. That's all that needs to be said about this one. lol

that was pretty stupid. 2nd!

Almost. Better luck next time.

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5!! anyway u deserved it.

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Your welcome :)

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I like yours too!! :)

your new job = pornstar

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YDI for being a moron

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YDI for looking uo porn at work. Seriously, who does that!?