By themanontheright - 1/3/2010 20:50 - United States
Today, my boss was using my computer and tried to copy and paste a website URL. It must not have copied first, because it pasted a URL to a porn site. I think I should start looking for a new job. FML
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  jasonsaied  |  1

holy shit there's only one comment on number one!! I think i'll change that lol


Maybe you guys should have a threeway with his assistant but you secretly use protection and then he'll be stuck with the child support it's the perfect crime. that way he'll be paying somebody elses check and then she can be your booty call

  perdix  |  29


Houston is a great place to live, but keep thinking that way and tell everyone you know. If the word got out how wonderful it is to live here, we'd be overrun with pretentious assholes in no time!

  perdix  |  29


You are so right! I used to travel to Tulsa on business and . . . snoozers! Come visit Houston on May 8 for the Art Car Parade. It is unbelievable!