By Pimaan - 26/10/2011 16:14 - United States

Today, I decided to be a generous guy and slip a dollar from my pocket to a beggar. Turns out I'd slipped my hard-earned $100 bill instead. FML
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Looks like you were feeling pretty generous.

I literally FELT your pain while reading this..


Looks like you were feeling pretty generous.

At least you still have your hard earned $1.

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That homeless guy went on to become a famous entreprenuer.

He probably needs it more than you, but that does suck

I lost a twenty yesterday I wonder if someone started a business with that..

I bet that guy felt good.. Like 100 bucks! But seriously, it's a good deed in a disguise. You could've really helped him out. :)

it looks like someones gonna have a ALL YOU CAN SMOKE marijuana day

This fate could have been avoided if you lived in Canada :D We don't HAVE dollar bills here.

yeaaaahh..No. most likely, he's gonna blow it on dope, cheep booze, and cheap bummy women.

Why did you use two different "cheap"s?

It's ok dollars aren't worth much anyway lol

It's not about stupid money as we can clearly distinguish between the #1 and the #100 it's just the busy hustle and bustle here that makes us run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.. I like the look of our money here

Probably not.. But a lot of other worst things could happen if I were Canadian. Like.. Being Canadian!!

It's not about "Canadian monopoly money" in this case. In Canada, $1 is a coin.

Same in Australia! Everything up to and not including $10 is in coins =) Then the notes increase exponentially in size as they do in value. Also, just to rub in further our awesomeness, they're plastic notes so they won't be reduced to unusable pulp in the wash.

Oops I meant we have notes starting at $5 rather than $10.

Nah man there's worse, we could all be arrogant pricks like you!

Yeah if you have a wad of 1 dollar bills in the states and a 100 at the bottom you might only see the 1

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you should feel good inside though.

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Never give homeless people $ ... Food is more important//poor for a reason.

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If you see a beggar on the street who needs booze, buy him some booze. He'll have to hit rock bottom before he can ever make a transition in his life.

First off: The majority of the homeless have set themselves up to be exactly that. Also 80 is correct, food is much more important because it can only be eaten, not potentially spent on booze, drugs, or something else that will degrade the homeless person in question even more. Also, just give them small amounts of food they can choke down because other homeless people will kill them for food, so carrying it around is a liability.

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Yeah but think, maybe that money could help him turn his life around (a lot of the times not) but maybe he could be the 1 out of 100 who do.

Most homeless people don't use the money for food or anything. A lot of the time it goes to booze, cigarettes and drugs. Give them food. They say the money is for food anyway, give them what they "want". And actually a lot of "homeless" people aren't homeless at all. I see one every day at the metro station, and a few days ago I caught him talking on his cellphone...

Right because you know how every homeless person became homeless :/...get over yourself.

My English teacher used to be homeless, and he had a college degree from England. When he went back to the US, he couldn't find a job, so he couldn't pay his rent, and so on. He even met a guy while he was homeless that had the same problem, went to college, couldn't find a job, and all that. So don't insult homeless people. Most of them don't want to be homeless. Argument ended.

I literally FELT your pain while reading this..

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And here I am thinking that slipping a $5 bill by mistake was bad...

I think you mean figuratively. Are you Canadian, per chance?

What does being Canadian have to do with this?

It is absurd to see the number of people who have donated $100 instead of the intended $1 & posted an FML about it! Is it really that hard to spot the difference?

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There are a lot of morons in the world obviously.

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If he just glanced at it and just saw the "1" part it is very easy to get mistaken especially if you're in a hurry. Sometimes I've looked and thought a one was a one hundred, what a bummer that was.

It is if you're drunk and your finger is covering the 0's.

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40 is right I've done that before.. But not when sober.

If the OP was drunk, and he would have braged about it if he was, then it is possible. OP knew they had more than one note in their pocket, so unless the begger went for a lucky dip, OP moves moron to another level.

Or if you don't seem to notice the difference between Benjamin Franklin and George Washington..two completely different looking people.. Taking up a good portion of the front.. Most of the front, in fact..

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Your picture helps your comment quite well

They don't all live in Canada xD where the $1 are coins and the $100 is a bill. Canadian money is color coded too. $5 is blue, $10 is purple, $20 is green, $50 is red, $100 is gold =P Just saying.. Not meaning to start a "who's country is better" war here

I agree, the two zeros are a tell-tale sign.

OP FYL but I bet you made the beggar's year with the $100

Seriously? He probably made the beggars night and most of the next morning....that's it.

Not every person who is homeless is into bad things there are those who are in need I can't believe I just read the comment about making his night/morning KARMA

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Beggars make about minimum wage usually more and they don't pay taxes

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You may have lost 100 dollars but you'll feel better after that beggar buys some fancy ass liquor and drugs and gives you a share with all that money he has.

Shame on you, let's hope you are never in this mans situation cause I'm positive karma will be paying you back at some point.. Not every homeless person drinks alcohol and does drugs some are really in need

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I think someone's been on some himself with that picture of his.

But unfortunately many are, they resort to drugs and alcohol as a quick solution to a large problem. I have seen old homeless men on the street in front of a gas station beg for money and quickly run in to buy cigarettes. While it may not be true that all homeless people drink and smoke, many do to alleviate the serious problems they all face.

I think a pound was a bit stingy to start with, try to give at least 2

Sorry, that should be dollar, I generally think in pounds and pence

Kinda hard to get a £1 coin mixed up with a £100 note, though.

That's why I realised my mistake. Cool name by the way