By bubblezzz123 - United States
Today, I went to a carnival. While walking around with my cousin, I saw a one hundred dollar bill on the ground. Just before I stepped on it, a man grabbed it. His words? "Don't you just hate it when that happens?" And he walked away. FML
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  CDS09  |  0

I think #1 is right, and even if he isnt, it wasnt your money, so who cares, no gain no loss. You got your hopes up for a few seconds.

  chunkiemonkie  |  0

well id call it and fml because i wouldn't be so mad about the $100 bill, but i would super pissed if some asshole said "don't you just hate it when that happens?", because hes just rubbing it in your face. i woulda clocked him

  Whininghippo  |  0

I know this has nothing to do with #1, and I'm doing this just to be on top... but... I call shenanigans. Doesn't seem likely enough to meh, but that's just me.

  0___0  |  9

Yeah, I know! That could have made your day, then he just rubbed it in your face ;[
I probably would have done the same though.. how evil.

  Dbeicher  |  0

No, you just need to stop being an immature little hiney hole. Seriously, any intelligent person could look at this page. And if any intelligent person really really wanted to see who was first, they could probably just look. I assume the reason you think it is neccessary though is because you never learned how to count and need to be told. I'm sorry your stupid.

OP, you should have sneakily pantsed him and asked the same question. I think that would have punctuated the situation perfectly

  Dbeicher  |  0

Im sorry my post further along will seem repetative. For some reason this ^ didn't show when i origionaly posted it so i decided to try again. I apologize once again

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

It doesnt matter at all, actually. The "FIRST" people bother me, but the people who criticize the "FIRST" people bother me more! Just let them be ( and I realize I'm being a tad hypocritical here but whateves ;) )


And the people who critize the people who critize the people who say "FIRST" bother me the most! Haha, just kidding. :P If being first on an FML post is the most exciting in their life, then FML for them. Don't make their life sadder than it already is! They just need to be loved!

By  Fop  |  6


Oh, wow, my life's fucked because another petty thief stole the money I was going to steal. Poor me. Guessing that you posted the FML out of disappointment, this is a complete YDI.

  sublime93  |  0

Idk i understood it as the guy had put the bill there on purpose, then waited to see who would try & pick it up so he could snatch it. I might be wrong though


It isn't really thievery if it was money on the ground with no form of ID. You can't tell me that, as a kid, you didn't get excited and pick a quarter up off of the ground. Unless you find it in a wallet where the ID is or saw the person who dropped the money, then OP wouldn't have been a thief.

By  pwnrzero  |  0

yes, yes we do.

dude, get over it.

its a 100 bucks.

unless you live in a developing country, or 3rd world, and need the cash, or lost your job or something, stop being a whiner.

grow up and be a man.