By Live Sweet - 25/04/2013 05:33

Today, I finally hooked up with the guy that I have been in love with forever. If there is such a thing as soul mates, this guy is it. He's my best friend in the whole world. It was the worst sex I have ever had. FML
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Sex isn't everything! He'll get better, maybe it's his first time.

Everybody can learn, just be honest and work on it in a nice way. Its about creating good experiences :-) sex can always be improved if you talk! good luck!


Sex isn't everything! He'll get better, maybe it's his first time.

Exactly. Love isn't all about sex either. |:

"such a thing as soulmates*" Fix and erase me, mods!

it's just an opportunity for practice :) i'd see it as a good thing

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Sex is still an important factor in a relationship. Though like it's already been said, you've only has sex with him once, OP. He'll get better.

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#1, "Sex isn't everything -- it's the only thing!" -Vince Lombardi

92, wait, sex is everything? Does that mean since i'm a virgin, I must not exist? Shit.... where's a philosopher when you need one?

Don't give it all up. Perhaps expectations were too high and therefor you were both really nervous. Either way, if you really think he's your soulmate, I can understand it's a bit of a disappointment but that shouldn't stop you. Hang in there, give it a few more tries.

Nothing wrong with practicing... And practicing.... And practicing more and more.. ;)

I'm too young to have sex (alas that's apparently false to many people), but recently had my first kiss, and any proper technique was nonexistent, we basically shoved our faces together. But it still felt amazing, why? Because it was with the first girl I've ever cared so much about. Since then we've gotten better at it, and it makes it much more enjoyable. Practice really made perfect. Now everyone, relate this to the FML.

Coito ergo sum. I ****, therefore I am. Randy Descartes

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You may be soul mates but apparently not hole mates.

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As long as the problem isn't duration both people are accountable for the quality of the sex.

Everybody can learn, just be honest and work on it in a nice way. Its about creating good experiences :-) sex can always be improved if you talk! good luck!

Very true! I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and its still getting better every time.

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My fiance and I have been together for three years and the sex is way better now than it was when we first started out. Even two people who have experience don't always have amazing sex their first time together. Just be patient, OP. If he means that much to you, is one night of bad sex really going to make you throw it all away?

Good points, #126. Sometimes it takes some time for people to find how they are compatible in bed. And if that takes longer than they wish because one or both of them is inexperienced, then there are... resources... on the internet.

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Or OP can tell him what feels good and what doesn't... Communication is key, especially when things aren't so hot in the bedroom. He might think its fine if she isn't saying anything.

The first time doesn't show anything. If you care about each other, you will work towards getting to know each other and after a while, it'll be amazing.

yeah, he was probably so shocked that he made it out of the friend zone he couldn't think straight.

I don't get it. you say that he is perfect, and he is like a soul mate. but judge him on sex..

And thus began the habit of faking orgasms...

5, does that mean if I pretend this comment didn't suck, one day I'll believe it? 0_o

Nooo! Never fake it, all that does is cheat you both of an experience that, though make time to perfect, will definitely be worth the efforts!

I meant that... If you pretend to like it... Soon you will actually find that you will :p

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Oooor OP's BF will never get the opportunity to improve, because if OP fakes, he doesn't know he's not doing it right. Stick with him OP :3 if he's as perfect as you say he is, one little hiccup ought not get in the way! (Im sure someone else already mentioned this, but showing him next time should help!)

Well it can only get better! Hopefully...

Give it time once you start learning about each others intimate ways it will improve in no time :)

That was your first try, give yourselves time! Love and chemistry in bed should go together, I agree, but many things can go wrong the first time, especially if you two have been best friends for a long time before being lovers! Give it time, don't worry just yet and enjoy your new romance without focusing on the bad sides!

Well lets not go taking the mating out of soul mate just yet. As long as everything is in working order he can be taught.