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Today, I hooked up with a guy I'm totally in love with. After finishing, he burst into tears about being in love with another girl. I had to comfort him. FML
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hotPinklipstick 24

If he is in love with another girl he shouldn't be hooking up with you to begin with. I'm sorry OP, that is a horrible experience.


honestly i would not comfort him, sorry for you but you need to drop him and find someone good enough for you.

How does it suck for her? She hooked up with him. She's not in a relationship with the guy. Hooking up with someone you like isn't the way to get them... Ydi

I guess OP was meant to be a rebound girl but she failed her purpose.. Fyl

OP deserves it for hooking up right away. I mean can she not wait? Is everything in a relationship all about sex these days? Smh.

uprising_fml 0

34- If it was a guy who had 'hooked up right away' would you have made the same comment? Or suggested he deserved it? And maybe you would have said YDI no matter the gender, I don't mean to attack you, but it is true that in our society men are allowed to fool around and have no consequences for it, yet women are considered loose or not deserving of respect if they fool around.

52- I understand that males get away with things more than females. But it's wrong. Even if OP was a male, he would deserve it anyways for being such an animal. My point is that relationships aren't all about sex. Sure it's nice, but there are other beautiful things about a relationship too. (:

GovernorGeneral 8

Hes surprisingly being...manly about it :/

Merylwen 24

Yeah, right. He's so in love with this girl, that he had sex with you. Seems legit.

HannahWho 8

I guess he is in the same boat as you Op, in "love" with someone who does not see them the same way. Or at least that is what I got out of the whole sex with Op/needing comforting about the other girl. There is nothing wrong with having sex with someone you know. Op must not have told him about her feelings or did it because she wanted to have sex with someone she cares for. Either way, if the two people involved consent to the sex then I don't see how they are animals, they are adults who like sex. There is nothing wrong with waiting and there is nothing wrong with having sex, if both people are single and agree to it.

women may be considered loose if you are asking men, but men are considered just the same if you are asking women.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's his fault he's upset. You should kick him out or leave at that point.

CockAsian 14

I'm trying to debate who the man was in the relationship. Or maybe OP just dated another girl and is lesbian.

hotPinklipstick 24

If he is in love with another girl he shouldn't be hooking up with you to begin with. I'm sorry OP, that is a horrible experience.

Buttsexpirate 9

Slowly lead him to the front door whisper "I'm sorry" and then slam it behind him.

You'll find someone who loves you back one day, hes just not the one. :)

btstig 11

Should have told him that he was a test to see if you still liked men. Then burst into tears and said the same thing he did.

It shows you really love this guy.. But Fk him

How does I 'Fk' someone? You're missing two steps! F-uriously U-ndressing then C-ontinue to K-iss Without 'u' and 'c', you're just raping each others lips!

jaredjudd21 2

You should have comforted him with a bullet in the head.