By WhatALetdown - 25/11/2015 00:26 - United States - Danbury

Today, I had sex with the guy who had been the main subject of my bean-flicking fantasies since I met him. It was the absolute worst sex of my life. I guess some things are just better left to the imagination. FML
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YDI. You went in there expecting to have the best sex of your life but since it turned out badly you have the tone like he's not worth it and that you wasted your time. I bet you aren't as good as you think either OP.

That's definitely a tough one, OP. If you're pretty interested in this guy and it's something worth pursuing, perhaps more communication about what pleases you would help improve things.


Instead of making him feel bad about himself, why don't you practice and make him better? We aren't born knowing how to please our significant other. Give him constructive criticism and help him become a better partner. I'm sure that'd be much more appreciated then posting how bad he was on FML.

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Too bad girls don't think like that lol

Can we get a follow up on what made it so horrible? Because there are ways to make sex better.

That's definitely a tough one, OP. If you're pretty interested in this guy and it's something worth pursuing, perhaps more communication about what pleases you would help improve things.

Sometimes fantasy is better than reality! Sorry to hear that OP!

Hey atleast he doesnt like putting serial killers mask on while you say there name

Aw, I personally thought it was a hilarious way to put it.

#4, come up with a better slang term for female masturbation and then I might agree with you. I thought it was great.

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I thought numbin was what Chandlers third nipple was called

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Should have bean better for you, OP :/ There will be others.

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Give the guy another chance, maybe next time will be better

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Not everyone is as experienced as you. Try thinking that.

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Can't blame him. He isn't a football playing king in space with perfect abs and a winning smile who goes all night and still has time to rescue kittens.... or whatever your unrealistic expectation was. Cut the boy some slack and don't build people into things they aren't.

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91hayek 31

Perform well? Like a jackhammer or some other industrial equipment? Expectations precede and determine that performance. If you make them too specific and too high, there won't be a real fit; the boy may be the best fish in the sea but if she's looking for a bird or some other creature he can't do any more than be him. And stellar sex is indeed about communication, and it's a two way street. She seems too preoccupied with touching herself to him than actually finding out about who he is, what he wants and how she fits with him. To be honest, You can't be having all that stellar sex if you're at home messing with your down stairs scroll wheel all the time.

Well OP was comparing it to sex she's had in the past (thus "worse sex she's ever had") so I guess it couldn't have been THAT unrealistic (as in kitten-rescuing football player) if other real-life men met the bill. But I agree with you that if it was that important to her, she'd take the time to get to know him a bit more and communicate to make things better for both of them. Her tone instead seems very condescending, and she obviously is not the type to help build people up...I feel bad for the dude. She gets no sympathy from me.

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Seriously? Yes. You can be having stellar sex and still enjoy and take part in pleasuring yourself. Just like men, women can enjoy sex and "bean-flicking" as two separate and different kinds of experienced. And by "perform" I mean his part in sex. Hell, women "perform" as well. Perhaps the verb choice isn't to your liking but it's meant to mean their parts in sex. And nothing in this FML suggests she had unrealistic expectations.