Landlords gonna landlord

By goingtobeevicted - 25/04/2013 06:28 - United Kingdom - London

Today, my new landlord and lettings agent made an illegal entry into my house. Unfortunately, at the time my boyfriend was buck naked, smoking a joint on the sofa, surrounded by the cats we aren't supposed to have. FML
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It doesn't matter how many illegal things he was doing. Anything seen or any evidence was taken illegally and you cannot be prosecuted through it.

I bet if he passes that joint everything will be fine!


I bet if he passes that joint everything will be fine!

As long as he passes it on the left hand side.

Its puff puff pass. If he cant do that you gato go.

Sucks getting caught doing things you aren't supposed to do, huh OP. ydi lol.

SenselessPattern 12

Hey 62, just curious, but did you say gato on purpose to reference the cats? If so, that's pretty tricksy of you.

Why yes i did thank you my senseless friend. However a good wise crack from me is a lot like trying to keep a fart in a mason jar while you try and close the lid, it doesn't happen very often.

xKeroseneHearts 9

#106, It was OP's boyfriend that was doing that. Not OP.

It doesn't matter how many illegal things he was doing. Anything seen or any evidence was taken illegally and you cannot be prosecuted through it.

Can't be prosecuted, still can be evicted

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I actually don't think it's trespassing; when you rent, it's still the landlord's property, no?

OP can get evicted/possibly arrested for it still. Most Renter's Agreements state that the property owner/manager must require permission to enter the unit's residence, unless it is due to maintenance. The landlord might claim that it was a maintenance basis and evict/charge OP.

jisaac09 25

I know this FML is from London but in the US you could still be prosecuted because the crime wasn't found by agents of the government acting illegally. The 4th amendment is only what the government can't do, not private citizens.

Actually there are multiple cases of police charging residents in certain parts of the US for "indecent exposure" because they/someone saw them naked in their own residence. True the 4th amendment applies to the government, but landlords/police/city officials are not considered federal agents.

40 Most places require proper notice before hand. Unless of emergency situations such as smoke.

Well, there was definitely smoke...

53, I think that's if people can see them from the outside or you answer the door that way. If someone enters your house without prior notification and sees you naked I'm sure it's not indecent exposure.

At least in California they have to give you reasonable notice or it can be both burglary and trespassing. And here you wouldn't be prosecuted. Weed is decriminalized but even if it wasn't the police would need a warrant and not just someone saying they saw you smoking in your house.

Maybe not for weed, but there have been many other cases where the police have shown up or pressed charges against someone for doing whatever they do, in the privacy of their home, yet causing offense to someone who potentially saw. I tried putting a link but FML took it down. Google this as an example: charged for being naked in own home

that is not true, i live in cali and the way we have it as long as there is "small chance" of illegal activity we do have a right to go in and find out what it is. my family owns a place where a family used to live, turns out they lied about being gangsters and drugs. we went in saw that they had drugs around kids mind you and we gave them 2 choices (leave with in the next 3 weeks or we will call the cops) in the least contract we have stated that we are allowed to go with out notice, good thing about that we have no reason to go most of the times. plus we only state that drugs or people who get into trouble are not allowed to live there pets are okay.

the police is considered just that, why do you think so many people say "my 4 amendment rights are being taken away!" right after the bosten bombings? because police officers were going into houses searching for the suspect (even though there are exceptions to these rules but no one gives a shit about the dam rules)

Lucky for the landlord that they weren't entering in a "stand your ground" state.

jisaac09 25

@109, too bad that has nothing to do with stand your ground laws. SYG laws and "castle laws" have nothing to do with murdering people, they only apply in legitimate self defense scenarios. What it does it makes it so I can defend my life without fear of being prosecuted for it.

102 Thats because the contract specifically stated it. If it hadn't California law would have dictated that you needed prior notice.

TheDrifter 23

Also, by us law the landlord can enter without notice if he/she had reasonable grounds to believe that the terms of the lease have been broken. A scent or sound of the cats, even a complaint about them is enough for entry without prior notice as OP noted it was to be a pet free unit.

@116 "SYG laws and "castle laws" have nothing to do with murdering people, they only apply in legitimate self defense scenarios." The sad part is, if you're the only survivor you can make up any damn story you want. And as long as the evidence doesn't contradict it, you're golden.

All this talk about prosecution ... What about the cats?

Am I the only one that is starting to think that perhaps the cats weren't a problem but rather just an embarrassing component?? I mean there are appointments that allow pets and I sure would be embarrassed hearing my significant other was found naked petting cats.

tjv3 10

True cant be prosecuted but can be evicted for breaking the rules in the lease.

tjv3 10

Police searches are covered by the 4th

I keep reading "timelord" everytime there is a "landlord" in a sentence. :/

bamagrl410 31

Why is everyone arguing this point as if American rights apply? This didn't occur in the US. Your 4th Amendment argument is irrelevant.

Uh, I can explain!

I believe he's trying to make a spongebob reference.

I don't think he can do anything with that though, since it was evidence obtained through an illegal entry. Or if not, press charges for breaking and entering.

jisaac09 25

It would be "entering without breaking". Nothing was broke, the landlord had a key.

I don't think it even matters whether he entered illegally or not. Now that he knows all that's going on in the apartment it won't be hard to get Op evicted if he wants. He can just schedule "maintenance checks" until he actually "legally" catches something wrong or he can nitpick everything little thing op and her boyfriend do relating to the apartment and make their lives a living hell until they choose to leave. I'm no landlord but my guess is that if you wanted someone out of your property it wouldn't be difficult to eventually make it happen.

Redoxx_fml 22

Sounds like a potential lawsuit, better get Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

How could he not be naked with all that pussy just lion around..

They sure weren't kitten about that entry. Now they know the naked truth. What a catastrophe.

So pretty much everyone was doing something illegal, right? Doesn't that cancel everything out and make it a big party?

flockz 19

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flockz 19

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Weed and pussy. Are you dating Snoop?

Only if they have enough money to get out of this situation.

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#11, yes, I'm reminded of that book by Claude Balls . . .