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Today, after three months of them dating, I finally met the guy my best friend claims she's in love with. To my horror, she's dating the douchebag that I had a one-night stand with a week ago. FML
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mccoole727 13

You should tell her, though it may break her heart, she deserves to know.


hockeyoceancity 13

It would be even more wrong if OP's bestfriend saw this FML and thinks "Oh my boyfriend would never do that, such douches, i would never date one of them!" then later today OP tells her bestfriend the bad news.

Should make for interesting dinner conversations.

"Mmm this is good pasta ....... Btw I slept with your boyfriend. Please pass the salad."

mduffy08 8

Except the boyfriend tossed her salad

Good one #51 I laughed pretty hard at that

BUST... HIS... ASS... If you were a good friend you'd spill the beans!

shift_love 13

#68 It won't be hard considering she's already spilled something else. Zing!

Bazzinga!!! Comments keep getting funnier and funnier!

mylifesucks_fml 1

I have a feeling that OP's friend will end up with an FML about losing her boyfriend because her best friend slept with him...

If it were me, id be trying to catch him with another girl. If he slept with you OP his probably sleeping with other girls too. Catch him with another girl, tell the best friend, she finds out what an ass he is, and the friendship remains intacts. Win win. :)

Hmmm did he meet her at a graduation? Just curious ...

mccoole727 13

You should tell her, though it may break her heart, she deserves to know.

reallytho3 11

This seems like one of those things that comes out at dinner during an arguement...

kellycastanos 0

But then again she might be upset that she didn't tell her. I'm arguments like this no one wins. Unfortunately .

If she's really your friend, you owe it to her to tell her. If OP didn't know he had a girlfriend when she slept with him, she really has nothing to hide. Not to mention, that douchebag deserves to be caught

I think the easiest way to let her know without her knowing who it is would be put a letter In her mail box or a note on her car.

41- really? How about having the balls the do the right thing and tell her friend to her face.

63 - Easiest, not best. OP, you have to tell her. If he passed himself off as single, she can't blame you, it just shows you guys have similar taste! She might get mad, but she'll realize it wasn't your fault. Of course, there's a possibility you knew he had a girlfriend, and slept with him anyway because you didn't think you'd know her. In that case you're a b**ch and deserve to lose your best friend.

She deserves to know that her knight in shining armor is just a douche in tin foil.

The thing is though, OP's friend has no reason to be mad at her, because how would OP have known that he was her friend's boyfriend?

well for starters, they're best friends. most of the time, best friends know each other's boyfriends/girlfriends. I hate to say it, but I'm thinking OP just lost a friend. I expect the thumbs down, but here's my reasoning: I'm a girl. and we all know girls don't think clearly when they're upset or hurt. especially in cases like this... she's going to flip out. but another thing, since they're best friends, they probably have been thru a lot of stuff already. maybe they can work thru it; maybe not. my bet is going towards this is a friendship destroyer.

sharod101 5

Oh boy this can't be a good situation. She's damn if she does, damn of she don't.

RedPillSucks 31

Well, if he did something egregious, you might want to let her know, otherwise, stay out of it.

raraisbang 12

Uhm.... He had sex with OP while in a relationship with OPs friend. I think the friend deserves to know about that.

The friend does deserve to know. If OPs friend really likes this guy and he does has one night stands then he isn't really committed to the relationship and OPs friend needs to know. It'll be a horribly awkward thing but it has to be done for her friends sake.

Your vocabulary is most impressive, but you may want to improve your situational/social comprehension before trying to showcase it again.

Perhaps it's an open relationship. Dont assume monogamy.

Squeaky_Tomato 14

62 it might not be a monotonous relationship, however I've never met a person in an open relationship who thinks that "open" means "sticking my dick in any bag I want (or vis versa)"

70 - what do people tell you open means? Because I thought it was the freedom to do people on the side.

jojimugo 20

62, I agree completely. This could quite possibly be an open relationship and therefore he did nothing wrong. I don't however understand why it being an open relationship negates the need to tell their friend...She doesn't know that they're in such a relationship, of course she needs to tell the girl.

citymayer 7

Although its possible, I think it's highly unlikely. I'm sure OP would have known if it was an open relationship. They are best friends after all. And if that was the case, then there wouldn't be an FML

70- I think the word you're looking for is monogamous... It doesn't (usually) become monotonous til you've been married for several years and a few kids have been thrown in the mix, hindering the social life/quality alone time.

thelinlinx3 10

It's not your fault, you didn't know it was him. But you should probably tell your best friend about it.

I can't help but think of a "You're just jealous" or "Stop trying to ruin my relationship" coming out of that conversation.

hateifyouwant 3

Pfft...why would you have a one night stand with a douchebag? That's just a poor choice. Altho still a better choice than having a three month relationship with one...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Maybe she didn't know he was a douchebag beforehand?

I think their idiotic point was that you shouldn't have one night stands with people you don't know. Effectively negating the point of the one night stand, and suggesting that only committed monogamous relationships are acceptable.

hateifyouwant 3

Congrats. Completely wrong. I really couldn't care less if people have one night stands. Committed relationships aren't for everyone. I was just kind of thinking that if you have a one night stand with someone and he turns out to be an asshat you can't really complain since you didn't bother to find out before. But thanks for getting your panties in a twist over it :-)

...Yes, that is almost exactly what I said. So, completely wrong might not be the best term. Perhaps "Congratulations, you've interpreted my point" would have been better suited?

hateifyouwant 3

nope not quite. because as i said before i never said you shouldnt have one night stands. theres absolutely nothing wrong with them. I just think if youre going to have them you maybe shouldnt have high expectations of the person youre having them with.

HentaiBunny 4

Your poor friend. My heart breaks for her :( What a horrible situation!!!!

JessalynVictoria 6

Damn what a predicament. I would hope to God that if I was on the other side of that situation, my friend would tell me... Let her know. If she gets mad, she will eventually understand you were just trying to save her the heart ache later.

If you're really her friend, you will tell her.