By Anonymous - United States - Barrington
Today, I decided to try wearing eyeshadow, even though I'm not that girly. When I asked for help after several failed attempts, my sister walked in and said, "It's easy, just do what I do." She put the makeup on herself and looked amazing. She's eight. FML
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  MuseFan1991  |  14

my little sister's been experimenting with my make up since she was about 7. she's actually taught me a few tricks now. as long as it's only play and she doesn't go to school looking like a drag queen i don't see a problem

  mollyjynxjax  |  28

I've seen an 8 year old wear more make-up than a friggin French whore! It's ridiculous! I don't get why parents allow their young kids to go out looking trashy. But that's just me.


My 6 year old has makeup that I let her use when she's playing dress up. It's all natural, and very easy to wash off, but she loves it, and is pretty good at applying it. She knows to wash it off before we go out anywhere, so I see nothing wrong with it.

  Dawnstempest  |  17

Why not? If you plan on wearing makeup later, you might as well be allowed to start early so you get really good at it.
Parents let their kids dance, draw, however they want to express themselves and have fun from a very early age. Make up is no different for many children. It's just fun.
It isn't like all of the kids are thinking "Oh I better put it on so people will like me." Many just think, "It's a grown up thing -- it's what Mommy and Daddy and Older Sister get to do and it's so cool. I get to be all grown up by doing it too."

  Spark_Slicker  |  19

@48 The point is that the kid is NOT a grown up, so why let them wear it like they are one? Children these days are being taught that its ok to grow up way before their time. Childhood is such a special thing that people should be helping their children to preserve, not promote growing up the second they are out of diapers. And many little girls DO in fact think they have to wear to makeup to fit in or get boys to like them. Also, you referred to a little girl liking makeup because her mom, older sister, and DADDY do it? I don't see why daddy would be wearing makeup unless he's a drag queen.

  B1ackthesun  |  31

She may be good at using it just from playing with it a lot. When I was that age my mother would give me her old unwanted makeup to play with. I loved using it and even got quite good at it. But there is no way I was ever allowed out of the house with it on. Could be a similar situation here.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Meh. I used to play with makeup since I was four. I thought I looked so grown up, but I probably looked like a clown. lol

Sometimes my mom even let me *gasp* wear it in public!

It's sad that people look at children wearing makeup and think they look too "sexualized" or like "french whores". Maybe the girl just wanted to dress up? Or look like a grown up? Or wanted to copy mommy? There isn't always a sinister side to girls wearing makeup. Playing with makeup is fun. Even little

  SlapAndTickle  |  20

Daughters love to imitate their moms. It's been happening for ages and will continue to do so. This is nothing new. I use to watch my mom put on makeup as a child and she would show me how and let me dress up at home. Reeeelax.


Damn, I knew the internet was judgmental but this is a little much. It's make-up, she's not out on the street corner.

Make-up for many is an art form, and interest can start at a young age -- it doesn't mean that OP's little sister is growing up too fast or anything. And there's nothing wrong with wearing make-up, it doesn't mean you're insecure or don't think you're beautiful. It's about looking how you want to look. What OP's sister is doing equates to an 8 year old picking out her own clothes. Nothing wrong with that.

  Virtual_BS  |  13

No you're not.
That's a bit odd, even more so that she does it often enough to be a pro.
It's actually quite sad that she's getting into it at such a young age instead of learning to accept natural beauty.

  Capriccio22  |  13

@54 firstly 48's comment about copying her father was probably not meant as makeup specific, just saying that children imitate those around them. And even if it was, so he's a drag queen. Get over it.

Then there is your statement about kids growing up to fast. Sorry, but they're not really growing up any faster than they have before. Girls could be married at 13 in the middle ages yet nowadays some mothers apparently have a problem with their daughters moving out at 21. Or in my parents generation children could, and did, move out of home and get a job at 14 yrs.

Allowing a child to wear makeup you are not making them grow up too fast. They just want to wear pretty things and copy mummy. Would you call walking around the house in mummy's "pretty" shoes forcing them to grow up. Because it is basically the same thing in my book.

  JessicaZado  |  11

I think It's wrong that some people are jumping to conclusions saying she's a "whore". Wearing makeup at a young age doesn't make you a whore it makes you feel grown up. When I was younger I used to play around with my moms makeup. I never did it because I was insecure but because it made me feel grown up. I never actually knew how to put it on right until I was about 13. But as you get older you start wearing it for different reasons to feel pretty or cover up "flaws". I don't see any harm in it


When I was little, I had a make-up kit for kids. It had green lipstick. Do you think I was insecure that my natural lip color wasn't beautiful, or that I just thought it was really cool that I could wear green lipstick? For many kids, wearing make-up is like drawing on your face. And, sure, there might be a couple that think they need it to be beautiful, but, that goes for a lot of things. Some people eat healthy for the soul reason that they don't want to be overweight because they think overweight isn't beautiful, does that mean you should not feed your kids health food and make them obese? Or does it mean that you should just explain that healthy food makes our bodies last longer and feel better? Same goes with make-up. Explain that it's just a fun thing, like art. As for people saying that the little girls look like whores, that's kinda... wow. Kids usually love colorful things, so, their make-up is probably going to be a lot more colorful than natural, it's their creativity.

  amanda1472  |  17

Not that big of a deal, i loved wearing make up when i was younger, but as i grew up i just didnt care for it as much, and now i barely ever wear it. Just because you like to wear it when your younger doesn't mean your gonna grow up to fast or etc.

  Enslaved  |  36

I agree. One of my favourite YouTube make up videos was the step by step of Gwen Stefani's make up from the music video "Ex-Girlfriend". (Teardrops and all.) (:

By  BjgUsername  |  12

Each skill has to be learned. She was playing dress up at the age you were climbing trees it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you don't want to be shown up by your sister look it up on YouTube.