By 102496 - 05/02/2010 03:53 - France

Today, I went to the store with my 4 1/2 year old daughter. When we got to the cosmetics aisle, she asked what make-up was for, I told her it was to make women prettier. My daughter then told me it was a good thing I wear make-up because I was ugly and that I might scare off my husband. FML
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sallybobally 0

YDI for imposing patriarchical notions of beauty to a little girl


ambrz 0

ouch gotta love kids honesty... or hate it lol

wow they probably didn't mean it. it's just a kid. but poor u tho!

icy716 0

children soeak the truth...listen to her and keep the makeup on

BeautifulChaos27 37

maybe the child is used to seeing her mom with make-up on 24/7 and just thinks she looks weird/different without it??

sweetpea129 0

haha! gotta love kids and their honesty..

NOVAgal 0

Aww, they are honest but I'm sure your pretty!!

wazdog 4

Didn't you just contradict yourself?

No, one can be honest but incorrect.

mcgugs 0

uhhh nope. you can honestly believe something that may still be incorrect. work it out.

ItisMyOpinion 0

LOL kids are so brutally honest ... I love it 

yes, more people should take note from kids and be more honest instead of being fake

no one should be brutally honest. people thinks it's so great to be mean as long as they say, "I'm just being honest." it's only good if you are tactful or diplomatic while telling the truth.

I don't think she was being malicious. I've said worse as a small child. I once told my grandmother that "it was nice not having grandpa around." This was on the day of his funeral and my mother was flabbergasted. I merely thought grandpa was on a vacation. Grandma understood my thinking and had to agree with me. Grandpa had been a real hard ass when he was alive.

sometimes people need to hear the honest truth a brutal way. some people go overboard with it of course.. but there's definitely nothing wrong with it ..especially coming from a child who means nothing by it.

Crush89 0

hey some people look ugly even with the makeup. don't be get too sad

don't worry too much about it. if she wasn't scared of your ugly face then I doubt your husband will be.