By OhNo - 13/07/2010 15:02 - United Kingdom

Today, I got my sister to pluck my eyebrows. She shaped them wrong, so now I look constantly sad. FML
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agreed. damn you people are fast with posting comments.

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agreed(: I get them professionally done, then I trim them myself. just try to fill them in op? lol.

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you should trust some more people look atbur eyebrows....ewww ur fuglyy,.no wait fugly is an understatement

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That'd be pretty cool, more sympathy for you. ;)

i got eyebrows to spare i can share with you my unibrow

I'm gonna reply to the first comment to get my comment on top too, even though it has nothing to do with the first comment.

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waste of damn space for posting the ovious.

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guess you'll have to dress emo for a couple weeks

Thank God I have naturally nice shaped eyebrows. Never had to pluck or thread. But op, your situation reminds me of what happened to my cousin. Everytime I saw her I laughed because her eyebrows made her look pissed off. Professionals actually did her eyebrows but they messed up.

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A professional messed up my eyebrows once also. I just cut bangs so I can let my eyebrows grow back in fully & nobody would see. Once you let them grow back, do them yourself.

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#34 - I've seen you post that on more than one Fml now, do yourself a favor and shut the hell up.. We all know what threadjacking is, and we don't need you to make a lame joke on every Fml about it. Seeing those comments is probably more annoying than the actual threadjack.. Seeing as how the threadjackings have been quite entertaining lately. :P And if you don't like people posting under the #1 comment with something irrelevant, then maybe you should stop while you're ahead?

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Damn commenting has gotten so serious.. I remember when you couldn't even post a comment on the app..

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awwh that's sucks why would you let her do that?

@55- It's far less annoying than threadjacking, so get off your broken soapbox and shut your bitch ass up.

OP, just do what my mom does and pencil them in. And while you're at it, you can draw "FML" on your forehead. :] Fyl.

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#82 - It really isn't, and I'm not bitching about anything; I was just stating my opinion, same as you. Also, maybe you should stop while you're ahead too. Seeing as I wasn't even talking to you, nor are you relevant to this conversation. So if you'd be so kind as to "shut your bitch ass up", you'd be doing me a favor. :]

This is a public site which I frequent. Threadjacking really pisses me off since it makes it very difficult to follow an actual conversation. You shot your mouth off at someone who shares my sentiments. THAT makes it relevant to me. Don't make a public comment, unless you expect the public to respond. Welcome to the internets :) Seems like we have a threadjacker taking the resistance a little too personally, eh?

Not all women look surprised or angry, either. It's like wearing natural make-up: when done correctly, it's hard to notice. Side note: I used to know a woman who would shave all but the inner thick parts off and draw in the rest. I secretly thought of her as "Spermface." >.<

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Spermface? What the hell. My my, that's super funny!!!

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What actual conversations are you trying to follow? If it's not threadjacking, there really shouldn't be "actual conversations". Just people commenting on a Fml, that's it. If you don't like my opinion of the situation, then don't respond to me. :]

this site is so lame these are the dumbest ******* stories

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Lol, IJD. You have a very vivid vocabulary when it comes to giving people nicknames. :P

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dang that sucks well next time yu know not ti let yur sister do them ever again

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you could always color them in...... I've seen lots of girls do that...... although it is unattractive.....

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hahahaha ! this fml actually made me laugh

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lol thanks 113 but I'm still confused on what it means

Comment #34 only makes me want to threadjack even more. Congragulations.

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atleast you don't look surprised all the time..(:

Don't listen to 135, he's due to check into the looney bin tomorrow. Threadjacking is posting a comment irrelevent to the original comment OR the story.

and thats why you dont let your sister do your eyebrows...

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OP-I have scars all over my eyesbrows from a cat. At least you can change the shape. :/

mr. potato head might have an extra set of eyebrows.

so basically everyone moaning about threadjacking is... threadjacking?

Are we threadjacking about... threadjacking? :| Don't worry about it, they'll grow back. In the mean time color them in, wear a hat or cut some bangs. Also, you could always try and own it you know. :)

oh yeah and fyl that sucks- they will how back though... hopefully

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ur not to beautiful urself sourgirl101

@197 and 199; there's nothing wrong with Sourgirl OR #8. Especially nothing wrong with 8's eyebrows...

Uhhh, maybe she couldn't!! I know alot of people who can't do their eyebrows.

Ohhh boy. I would say you should have done them yourself, but you probably didn't do them yourself because you had no idea what to do. The first time I did it, I Googled eyebrow-plucking tips-- and they turned out pretty well. Just let your eyebrows grow back and start from scratch.

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definetly should not have trusted your sister with plucking your eyebrows. do it yourself. or go to a professional?

lol professional eyebrow plucker? that's a job??? oh wow fail job lol

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Actually you can make a pretty ridiculous amount of money doing waxing. Obviously it's not just eyebrows.

Well that's not the only thing they do. And they actually make a fair bit of money.

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#7 Or get them tattooed on. Not really though, that would be awful!

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tattooed eyebrows can look natural if you get them done by someone who knows how to do it right.

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But what happens when you get old and grey and you have dark brown brows?

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Or when you get old and then the tattoo will get wrinkleys and droopy. :P

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Well not everybody's eyebrows go grey, and most older women dye their hair. Also the tattoo will have probably faded by then anyway. face tattoos usually fade pretty quickly.

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129 - sucking in your stomach and making your boobs look bigger isn't attractive.

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