By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I helped out with makeup at my daughter's high school play. As one girl walked past, I told her that she'd smudged pink lipstick all up the side of her face. Turns out it was a birthmark. She cried in the dressing room for half an hour. FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

Am I missing something here? You say you were doing makeup for the play, so instead of offering to HELP her by, oh I don't know, putting makeup over the birthmark, you let her cry for an hour?

Madam, you suck like a lamprey sucks a shark.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Honest mistake but kind of a silly one unless the girl was wearing lipstick the exact color of her birthmark. I've seen a lot of birthmarks and none of them have ever looked like smudged makeup to me.

Anyway, if you apologised, OP, all you can do is let it go. It feels bad but that is something that girl will have to deal with and you can't improve the situation at all.

  Susieee_Q  |  9

11 - I disagree. Birthmarks look different everywhere. Besides, I don't think OP was looking or thinking about the possibility of it being a birthmark. She had just been working with make-up, and she saw something like a smudge on the side of a girl's face. Her instant reaction was to assume it WAS make up. It seems like a perfectly honest mistake to me....

  DarksideDoll  |  31

I agree that it was an honest mistake, but I also feel for the girl. I have a birthmark under my left eye. People can be insensitive & if you're not confident with yourself then it can really get under your skin.

  hpfan777  |  0

Well, I bet if you had a birthmark that looked like smudged lipstick up your face, you'd be a little self conscious too. But it really was an honest mistake :/

  SamSayzRAWRZ  |  0

Excuse me, 18, but her birthmark is small. Mine is literally ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN MY ARM. Mine is absolutely NOT easy to cover up. What about during the summer, when it's short sleeve season? Or how about when I go swimming or to a formal part where I have to wear a dress? Yeah, it's soooooo easy to cover up.

  macskapingvin  |  0

Still a hell of a lot easier to hide than the face. A face is what we use to recognise and distinguish people, it is the essence of you. In a world where your face is frequently judged and society demands that it be beautiful, I find it hard to blame anybody for being self-conscious about a birthmark disfiguring it.


umm excuse me, number 6, but the face is alot harder to cover up. trust me, I know, having one on my forhead that basically travels down to my left eye. just saying. but, birthmarks are a distinguished beauty, and sometimes I don't even remember I have one lol, I prefer to call them beauty marks.

  SamSayzRAWRZ  |  0

Okay, how would any of you know what it's like having one on your arm? And mine is literally EVERYWHERE on my left arm. I'll send you a picture if you don't believe me. And no, it's not who we are distinguished by. People who are overweight, people who are different races, and even just by ones sexuality are distinguished by who they are or what they look like just as much as people who have birthmarks. It's hard to cover up all the time, and sometimes I get stared at, pointed at, called a freak, and labeled 'weird.' And because I'm adopted, some people say that my birthmark is why my birth mother didn't want me.

  evebright  |  5

my mom has one like that on her arm that grows a ton of hair on it. one on her face would be worse, especially in those sensitive high school years, but eventually you realize that it isn't a big deal and what counts is on the inside, not the outside. at 13-22 years old you simply don't understand or believe that cuz Jr high and high school years people are mostly shallow. OP, I hope you apologized and didn't dwell on it, and your daughter reached out as a friend to her to reassure her.

  lmw562  |  3

I have one on my upper lip. It's been considered a fat lip, smudged lipstick, etc. You get used to it but it doesn't make it better. By the way, easily concealed?? you could leave scratch lines through the amount of makeup needed to cover it up.
6, I understand that you are (at least) a little self conscious about your are but remember that the first thing a person looks at is usually the face. That is what is remembered.