By nobrows - 06/04/2012 17:11 - United States - Malvern

Today, my sister gave me a makeover. I protested, but she insisted it'd look great. After an eternity of eyebrow plucking, she handed me the mirror. I now have extremely badly-drawn sharpie eyebrows. FML
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If you protested, you must have had your doubts. If you had doubts, you probably didn't really trust your sister with those tools in her hands. Therefore, you should have watched in front of a mirror while she gave you the makeover! That way, if she started doing something you didn't like, (such as giving you sharpie drawn eyebrows) you could tell her to stop.

15 - stop replying to the first comment just so everyone will see you. It's really obnoxious. 1 - I'm glad you got first because I'm pretty sure that was many people's first thought. It's fitting that it's the first comment.

You should've just let her put make up on you. She didn't had to go all professional and do your eyebrows

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Now you got the chola look now.

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Thank you for the opinion of where we all stand from 15

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I know what you mean today my cousin shaved off half of my eyebrows

mpj13 8

and now she can shoot 'sharp' stares :D

Could always get a job as a lunch lady, I'm pretty sure that's mandatory for the application

Why'd you let her give you a makeover????

Got to be able to trust your sister now and then, though not always in the OPs case

lollovelife0304 3

I would never let anyone do a make over on me if I doubted them in the slightest!

That's great news! Now you can determine your whole facial expression with just a Sharpie. Want to look surprised all day? Draw it in! Angry? No problem!

Why would you want to look surprised or angry all day..

*Woosh!--Crash!* That's the sound of the joke going waaaay over your, head....and your sense of humor getting involved in a horrible accident with your brain cells...according to reports, there were no survivors.

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36 - why wouldn't you want to look surprised or angry all day?

whitey53 5

Hey, sharpies save life's. I'm just kidding op, you should really look in a mirror before you go through with it to make sure it's what you want.

I thought duct tape saved lives, you use duct tape to fix anything!

omgcookeys 15

51, yup. Got stabbed in the heart? Tape up the hole!!

And you let her do a makeover on you without a mirror in front of you why? I mean really, didn't you want to watch the progress/ keep a disaster like this from happening? That sucks but YDI! use more common sense next time!

bigAC 6

Sharpies are the duct tape of writing utensils

linkinpark98 23

Except the only thing sharpies don't work for are your eyebrows. I mean, who wants to look surprised all day?

I've seen people who do that...On purpose.. But don't worry OP! They'll grow back In a couple of months.

Mister_Triangle 21

I hate girls who do that; I love me some natural eyebrows!

ruthi666 23

I don't have real eyebrows anymore. Being someone who experiments with makeup a lot I enjoy being able to change the shape of my eyebrows.

Just get your eyebrows tattoed a pro...not your sister xD Is it just me or does 'tattoed' look really weird?

No it isn't just you. "Tattoed" does look weird but "tattooed", the correct way, doesn't. Also, is it just me who missed the part where OP got her eyebrows tattooed on or did the OP not get tattooed eyebrows?

Wouldn't you notice she plucked all of your eyebrows off without the mirror?