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Today, at work, an old lady came through my line to buy some groceries. She told me she lost her purse and was a little short. It was busy, so I pulled out my little purse and gave her the money she needed. A few minutes later she returned with my boss, insisting that my purse was hers. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

That's how old people survive! What they have lost in physical prowess (with men, it's strength; with women, beauty), they have to make up for in craftiness and cunning. The elderly who don't have these skills die off, but the ones that can con young people out of their money are indeed the fittest. Look at Social Security: We can only hope to live long enough to shake down the younger generation as much as we're being shaken now!

  lajaynay  |  15

44, have you not seen the security videos on tv of guys taking down old women? One guy completely punched her 80 something year old face and swiped her purse!

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

@31 - I agree with the first part, always care ID on you. But the second? Are you stingy or just selfish?! Never give money to anyone? Wow. I'm not gonna say Karma will get you since 90% of FMLers misuse the meaning of Karma, but you continue to be selfish and stingy, you'll quickly find yourself surrounded by the same. I give money to charity all the time and loan friends money when I can. I have NEVER regretted it.


I agree, tell us more please!! Did she end up taking it? Did your boss side with you or her? Did you maybe have an ID in there for evidence it was yours? Maybe a debit card with your name on it? =o

  Shookitup  |  0

Well when they don't get laid from their sagginess, they become nasty old women.
They will then have saggy boobies that reach her crusty-crust vaggy.