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Today, I was feeling abnormally self-confident, so I decided to skip putting on any makeup. The first thing my 7-year-old cousin said when she saw me was, "You look like my pet rat!" FML
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That's when you bit her right and then went off to eat an entire wheel of cheese right?

That's not the way you talk to your pets!


That's when you bit her right and then went off to eat an entire wheel of cheese right?

oh. my. god. A TALKING CAR!! o.o

My name is Clarisse and yes I talk...

Rats are adorable! Every rat owner thinks it, so perhaps it was (in her mind) a compliment.

#60 Have you heard about the black plague?

children are pretty mean. sorry op. dont take it to heart.

#61 Black Death.. Bubonic Plague

Wasn't the black death (or plagues as you put it I guess) caused by fleas?

MiloBear 11

#61, I used to tell people that the bubonic plague was caused by fleas that lived on rats, cats, dogs and humans. I guess rats take all the flak because humans like the other three species. Then I read an article in the Guardian (if you Google "bubonic plague rats" it is currently the second article) saying that archaeologists have found evidence that the plague spread too fast for it to have been caused by fleas and rats, but more likely by human transmission. Either way, rats are off the hook and I get sick of people spreading such biased, outdated ideas. OP, I would take it as a compliment; rats are beautiful and I'm sure your cousin thinks the same of you.

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Contrary to popular belief, most rats can't actually eat cheese. Like majority of small animals, they develop lactose intolerance as they get older. This isn't relevant for all rats though, one of mine can eat cheese while my other 3 can't.

Well make up it is.... She's young doesn't know any better don't take it personally...

Actually, majority of young kids tend to be honest because they speak their mind.

Exactly, she doesn't know enough to not speak her mind. Sometimes honesty isn't always the best policy.

There are 3 kinds of people who tell the bare faced truth in this world. Drunk people, kids & someone who is majorly pissed off.

That is true...being the age of seven it does make sense their comment is for honesty not just saying things...

That's not the way you talk to your pets!

Maybe her pet rat is adorable.

Rats are cute. I love those whiskers and the beedy eyes.

I don't think that girls want to be told they have beady eyes and whiskers....

NatalieOntheTram 11

Take it as a compliment, honey! Rats are adorable =)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

exactly :D they really are. just look at my picture :)

perdix 29

Is that you, Willard?

Precisely, I pictured OP as having bright, if small, eyes and a cute little nose :3

Precisely, I pictured OP as having bright, if small, eyes and a cute little nose :3

I got you.

Children are brutally honest :/ don't take it to heart.

I agree. When I was a kid, my friend's little brother used to say I looked like a boy. When my friend had a formal birthday party and I was all dressed up, he told me I was a pretty boy. Sometimes kids just say mean things. It's a stage they will hopefully grow out of.

Once my 6 year old foster sister asked what all the red spots were all over my face while I was with some girls. It was awkward and awful

HAAAAHAHAHAhahahaa... Oh man... Hope your face looks better now, bro.

Does she put make up on her pet rat? I need to call PETA!

*Doesn't **I hate FML on mobile*

graceinsheepwear 33

It was funnier the first way!

I like fml mobile...

Shame...don't be nasty! Poor kid is scarred for life!

Scarred for life because she didn't put makeup on? I don't imagine she's that hideous!

If she looks like a rat? That's pretty hideous. F that kid's life.

Ooooooh! Right in the self-confidence.