By Eric Moore - 25/09/2011 08:12 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 3 years said she was leaving me because recently I wasn't making much money, and was playing too many video games. I recently got a raise at my job of 5 years. The job? Testing video games. FML
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azcardinals1307 2

Unreasonable people are unreasonable. Sorry dude.


azcardinals1307 2

Unreasonable people are unreasonable. Sorry dude.

azcardinals1307 2

the joys of accidentally clicking submit twice.. how do you delete a comment?

Well it may be your job, but I'm sure it does get annoying that you play all the time.. but it's a plus that you make good money. She needs to choose one. spend more time- less money or spend less time- make more money.

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Redundant comment is redundant.

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^ me too, that would be my dream job, no matter the pay

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op, you see 68? she's clearly a gamer and a fan of your job. THATS the kind of girl you need to date.

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Can't really feel bad for you knowing that you get paid to play games.

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155 - That's illegal, so your point is invalid.

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both of your comments have the same comments and thumbs. sounds like a win to me

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Well, good riddens to her. Obviously she doesn't care for you, only your wallet. Throw a penny at her damn forehead.

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I'd say ok **** you and get a new gf and make her jealous, in fact I wouldn't care if my bf was spending less time with me but making more money! Heck new pair of shoes for mama yeaaaaaaa!!!

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video game testing usually ruins your video game experience. because you play the same level and same part for hours looking for bugs. yet again, it's hard to get a job like that. considering the pay would be $15-100 dollars per hour.

OP can date me, I love video games :) I'm actually about to go play RSV2 with my brother :)

Your insane if you want that job. It's extremely tedious.

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155- that's impossible/ irrelevant with the united states, after all, we do have minimum wage o.O

azcardinals1307 2

Unreasonable people are unreasonable. Sorry dude.

Haha well I agree with her, not about the money thing but if all you talk about is video games, I'm sure it would get annoying to someone like me who doesn't like them much, but it's obviously not your fault since you both knew what you were getting into in the relationship. You'll find someone who appreciates you and what you do eventually, don't worry :D

I guess he'll be playing Singleplayer for a while, eh?

121 I see what you did there, but what does 12 vs 12 look like then?

Bro, your job is testing video games. Your life is far from ******.

LadyLexi 0

Lol agreed. My ex worked at a bookstore :P

u lucky bastard! gloat much? let's see, 1- you have a job 2- you got a raise 3- you get paid to play video games all day ...but, - you got dumped by a gold digging bitch you're doin alrite my friend, go and grab itself a beer. Cheeers!

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Game testing isnt fun. They give you one section of a game to play for hours until it breaks, then you have to write reports of it all.

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yes he does! unless he's testing Fable 3! that's only good for half an hour :( I'd say no Fml as it's all good but then you lose a gf. it's okay though, hang out at Game and meet a girl there :) work and play!

stop bitching, your still being paid to play a game. And when it's released and people are drooling over a certain level, you can say *puts on shades* "I tested that level beeyotch!!" and besides I doubt your only allowed to play one specific part, or that they would find out if you did

True sorapsosis. Your life is far from ****** with a cool job and no money grabbing bitch to whine into your ears.

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Yea she should stick to FFA :D

She should stick to the kitchen and make me a goddamn sammich

Whoahwhoah.... This is such a ydi I mean video games are for nerds I bet op is a loser

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163-....HOW?!?! are you stupid?!

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shes just making an excuse. Your better off buddy

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You're totally right 6, OP had that job the whole time they were dating but now is when it's too much? Though break ups are really hard (especially one's that last several years) you'll be much happier later on that you're not with her OP. Find another girlfriend when you're ready, maybe even one that likes video games! They're not as hard to find these days ; ]

Dude your better off. She will soon realize she had it better with you!

It's ok dude it looks like she was with u for the money not love ull find some1 who will love u

No, he just got a raise. If she was in it for the money, he would be getting some extra action tonight.

Read his post he pretty much said she thought he makes less money

Read his post, it clearly says he recently got a raise. She was just making excuses

195 - he JUST got a raise. he didn't say he had the chance to tell her that.

"She is so dumb, she is really dumb. For real!"

"My ex is a *****."** I fixed your description. Love me later, I'm gonna go defend freedom some more.

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I would love a boyfriend who tests video games :D

#1 girl. Right after my sweetheart, Mila Kunis

#1 girl. Right after my sweetheart, Mila Kunis

Okay, we get it, you're a girl and you play video games. It's not a big deal. /tinyrant