By gamergirlfriend - 20/10/2009 05:26 - United States

Today, I was texting my boyfriend. I noticed that he had added a signature onto his texts that had the date 11/10/09. At first, I blushed and thought it was the date we had become a couple. But then I realized it was just the day the new Call of Duty game comes out. Love you too. FML
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sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Modern Warfare 2 > You.

Oh suck it up. Btw, you fail. You didn't realize that wasn't your anniversary.


sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Modern Warfare 2 > You.

Very true... either join in or get snuffed out

Extremely true. Besides, shouldn't you know when you first met?

only 21 more days though, dude mw2 is more important than megan fox herself...dont feel bad

Agreed aslo. He has had you the whole time. Modern warfare 2 Release days on the other hand is a once in a life time oppurtunity!

you have such a damn issue with him knowing the exact date for COD, but ill bet your pathetic ass knows the EXACT date of the new twilight movie release. smh you pathetic twat, you need to GET a life before it can be ******. YDI.

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Get over it. Call of Duty is probably a lot cooler than you are, and probably a lot more fun to be around.

Just 20 more days until you and your boyfriend start(ed?) going out! You lucky moron you ;D

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YDI for starting a relationship on the days COD comes out...I mean seriously, COD comes out every year, and if your anniversaries are on the same days, how could you compete with that?

BECAUSE THIS DIDN'T OCCUR TO ANYONE APPARENTLY. MAYBE they started dating on October 11th and she thought he had put the day before the month. because some people actually write it like that. also, it would make sense that he would edit his sig to reflect that if they had started dating so recently... or would that make too much sense? :P

maybe this didnt occur to you, but shes AMERICAN. we dont put the day before the month.

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Wait, I'm confused. Now, bear with me, because my brain is a little scrambled today, but did the OP mean Nov. 10 or Oct. 11? Was she talking about the actual day they started going out, or their anniversary? The whole FML would make much more sense if this was about an anniversary... Not to mention it's a little weird to expect a boyfriend to worship the ground you walk on after only nine days of dating (or, er, 21 days until they start dating?). Now I'm even more confused.

Modern warfare 2 > any single human if i had a choice with two big buttons saying 'stop production of this game and save random human' and 'random human lives', i would hit the first one I PREORDERED DIS SHIZ!!!

u dumb bitch she even said it was for the cod game, which comes out 11/10/09 as in November gtfo of the internet

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hey..just wanted to say..I think that you are an asshole! messed up for saying that just so ya know

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She said she THOUGHT it was the day they first became a couple(aka anniversary) and then realized it wasn't it was for MW2.. which means she didnt even know when they started and now she's pissed not only is she hypocritical for getting angry, but she actually thinks she is more important than Modern Warfare 2! psh..i hope someone Noobtubes you OP! :-P

cool people play call of duty, if you dont like people who play COD you just plain dont like people who are out of your league

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Well then I'm couting down the days till your anniversary. MW2 will be the best game ever!

And this is why none of you gamer geeks have girlfriends. Okay she made a silly mistake, who doesn't every once in a while? She just seen a date and thought it was their day at first glance. But if a video game is more important than your girlfriend, you don't deserve one. For real? Grow up.

stfu you're probably fat and lonely and wish one of those gamer geeks would ask you out.

Sorry, I guess not everything is about you. And, the large portion of these "everything has to be about me" are from women. I'm pretty sure almost no guy would get mad at their girlfriend if their gf put the date of a Twilight release at the end of their messages. And most girls would even put a little heart at the end. And still...almost no guy would care.

#131 - Pretty much what I was going to say

How could the day you met be in the future? And don't you know when you became a couple?

#213 has it right and I agree with his post. Assuming, of course, that I don't actually HAVE to watch twilight when she goes and sees it.

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Dude some people in the US do put the day before the month. In fact it's a fairly common practices in some parts of the US. But you should puts dates like that any how since it is easy to Mix up.

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yes we do put the date before the month sometimes in America.

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you people who are so obsessed with MW2 and CoD and stuff should watch online gamer #5 it's hilarious and I'm sure it relates to most of you gamer people out there. feel free to watch the others

So your mad that your boyfriend doesnt sign every text message with the date u first became a couple?? Hmmm...

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I freaking love gamer geeks and yes, I also count down to new releases.

Oh suck it up. Btw, you fail. You didn't realize that wasn't your anniversary.

Agreed. Plus, did you become a couple in the future, because as far as I know, November of '09 hasn't come yet. If you meant of '08 you should have said so. Plus, sometimes video games are more exciting. Get over yourself

#3, I couldn't have said it better myself :D

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She blushed because she thought it said 08 probably, or maybe 10 instead of 11? Obviously not future... If you look at something quickly do you remember EXACTLY what it says? Even for something as trivial as a signature?

Mmm you should be happy if he remembers your anniversary alone, I think your expecting a little much to wanting it change his signature to the date you guys started going out. Not really an FML

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I don't think the problem is your boyfriend, I think it's you. Then again, the idea that you are overreacting here is completely outlandish. Right?

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She's not bitching about him not putting that as his signature. In fact, she's actually not bitching at all. The only FML about this is that she was mistaken. Never once in the FML did she complain that it was the game release and not their anniversary. She was just stating facts. At first, she thought the date was their anniversary. Then, it turned out she was wrong. So...the most you can get out of this is that she is a little ditzy, and maybe slightly clingy, but where you guys are finding so much drama I have NO idea.

It's the fact that she says FML, even though it was just a tiny misunderstanding that any smart person wouldn't even make.

Wow, if you have a boyfriend, and this applies to every girl who has a boyfriend in america, then you probably should know that no matter if he is the best boyfriend on earth, that he is going to be losing his shit when Modern Warfare 2 comes out. I clicked YDI.

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What about halo? Halo>COD, also Battle feild> COD. In fact, everything> COD. Halo is the best though.

But I thought Animal Crossing and Smash Bros were the best D:

Sounds exactly like something my boyfriend would do if he was a fan of text signatures. Never understood why people liked them so much though. /=

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WHY does he have to remember the exact moment you two went out? The only important thing is your birthday and your anniversary IF you get married. Valentines day is another big one. But I don't remember days I started dating my boyfriends, I might be like "oh we've been together since mid June." Its stupid unless he promises you forever.

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When someone has been dating their S.O. for a long time (and I'm not saying the OP has) they tend to remember their anniversary (or at least have it written down somewhere. It's not helpful to say "mid-june" when you've been dating three years. It's not weird to know the anniversary of when you started dating, unless you are planning on breaking up soon thereafter.

this isnt an fml. just because hes excited for modern warfare 2, doesn't mean he doesn't still loves you very much.