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Today, my husband and I found the perfect house, in our price range and everything we wanted in a house. However, the street it's on is called "Arbour Butte Road". My husband refuses to buy it because he doesn't want it to sound like he lives "in a tree's ass." I'm married to an idiot. FML
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I'd have bought it just SO I could fill out "Arbour Butte Road" every time I had to write an address.


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In my hometown there is Roach Paradise Rd and Roach Ranch Rd. People come up with stupid names for roads all the time.

My favourite was one in upstate NY called Devil's Den Road. I'd have lived there. We have bizarre enough place names up here that we don't need weird road names (but we have them anyway). Would you like to live in Chibougamau? How about Abitibi-Témiscamingue? Or on the shores of lovely lake Memphrémagog? St. Clet? St. Chrystostome? (A lot of them are French variations on Native names, they're still a bit strange. And they'd dig up the most obscure names for saints to use, too).

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"Butte" is a French word which actually sounds more like "booth" and not "butt"... Look up the phonology :)

I don't know about the French pronunciation; I've always heard it pronounced "byoot". It's popular in the southwest of the US. It means a hill, basically.

There's a county in California named Butte, and Butte College.

Don't forget about Butte, Montana! Actually, I think everyone forgot Montana. It basically doesn't exist.

My favourite is still Butt Hill Drive.

Yeah that's kinda like living on "one tree hill" same general meaning and its pronunciation is nothing like butt

In my town there are two off roads that intersect called Pelican Drive and Seagull Rd. Obviously named after the ancient rivalry between king Pelicanos and and King Seagullos in the ancient times.

There's a street in my city called "Shinglecreek". I have no idea why. Nothing about a creek full of shingles sounds enticing.

My gastro doc is on belcher rd. I asked him if he did that on purpose

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We have streets here named "This Way" and "That Way" located a block from each other.

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My home town has odd street names too. We have Failing St, Killingsworth St, Rustling Leaves Lane, and one pronounced 'cooch'.

My cousins live on booger hill road. It always made me smile coming to their house when I was young.

My town has two streets called roadrunner and coyote. And yes, they intersect.

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Crested butte Colorado! Like everyone i know goes there for vacation but I haven't personally

Meh. It's not that weird compared to some road names I've heard. Heck, I used to live in a town that has a "Slaughterhouse Lane", "Murdering Creek Road", and "Butt Street", and once went on vacation near a place called "Stinking Beach". And near my current home is a crematorium on "Killers Road"...which I hope wasn't intentional. o.O

My Dad used to be a trucker, and in the 90's he drove a truck with a CB radio in it. Since most Quebec truckers don't speak English (or if they do, they have some trouble understanding a Southern accent over the radio), Dad spent a lot of time redirecting lost Americans, including a guy from Tennessee who was driving around for an hour and a half looking for 'Pee Noof'. Dad told him "Look for Pie, Roman numeral nine, IX. Pie IX. I can't believe they told you the French pronunciation but didn't spell it out for you." - The guy found it within five minutes, because Pie IX is a main road in Montreal. He also got to redirect a lot of people looking for 'Dorchester' to 'René-Lévesque' - they renamed the boulevard and some older maps still had Dorchester on it then.

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There's a street here in NY named 'hiscock'. Most people don't know it exists unless you live around here because people constantly steal the street sign and the city doesn't bother putting then up anymore.

There's a road near where I live called Jackass Lane. Narrowest, steepest, windiest road you'll ever drive down, so it deserves it's name. There's also a place called Pratt's Bottom I used to drive through to get to school.

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#87 I live in houston too, and I had never heard of that. But sure enough there's a: This way, that way, my way, which way, right way, same way, any way, and straight way, all in the same subdivision! not even joking..

My town has a street named Snoddy Road.

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That's bound to screw with someone. There's trolls working for the city development.

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i think i have heard of that street i remember someone telling me about it

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My Uncle in Louisiana lives on a street named Hooker Hole Road, he says it's about a famous fishing spot....doesn't stop people from stealing the sign.

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My favorite is Mianus in Connecticut. Jackass did a whole scene on it. XD "There's a dog in Mianus." "There's a traffic jam in Mianus." "I can see Uranus from Mianus."

I live on a road called crab apple way

my friend lived on 'banff lane' for awhile

I'd have bought it just SO I could fill out "Arbour Butte Road" every time I had to write an address.

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He could pronounce it "Boo-tey", it sounds fancier.

Yes, I still watch that show every Saturday! I'm not the only one to think that!

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15 - Good show. I'm sure Oslow would be so proud of your particular brand of low-class humo- Good God, I'm late for tea with the vicker!

14 - vicar. And he doesn't want to drink tea with you.

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Just because you don't agree with him does not make him stupid. He has a valid point. You can't deny what the road's name sounds like.

It still isn't a good enough excuse to not buy the house that was perfect for them.

intelliDude 7

I don't disagree with you on that. I just think the OP is ignoring her husband's concern.

"Butte" is not pronounced like "butt" though. So yes, the husband is an idiot.

The husband's concern is what I was talking about. It's an idiotic excuse.

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The FML is that OP thinks it's a stupid reason not to buy the house, but this does mean that she "respected" his concern, even if she doesn't agree: they're not buying it.

Since your husband hasn't said anything important on the house, you should buy it. I mean, who's going to care?

Arbour Butte sounds sexy as hell! You know--Your stripper stage name is your first pet's name and the street that you lived on. ***I'm Frisky Nightingale. (:

My stripper name sucks. I'm Goldfish St. Andrew. If it were my SECOND pet's name? Then I'd be Bee Jay St. Andrew.

tj5810 21

Gypsy Holiday...hmm, it kind of has a mysterious ring to it.

Idk, it remind me of Ryan Reynolds, who would make a fine stripper ;)

pheebs314 17

Duckie Mtn Creek. That's sort of unfortunate but unforgettable. Side note, I heard a lot of those things are just ways to steal info. What questions does your bank ask when you need to reset a password? Ta Da! (Before you get excited, identity thieves, I'm broke as shit.)

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What happens if you've never had a pet :P


I'm Superdog Joseph... So make what you will out of that.

perdix 29

#53, then you go with a one-word name like Madonna or Adele. Next question?

Max short... Doesn't sound very good does it? sort of contradictory with just a hint that I have a small dick.

Well suddenly decide your goldfish is female and be goldy Madison

perdix 29

#66, if you've got nice *******, Raw Sewage Ipecac could be a good stripper name ;)

TheDrifter 23

Shane Whitehorn here. Actually, I have a pretty awesome stripper name.

perdix 29

#76, Aw, my second pet was Shane, a beautiful collie.

Little Foot Cornell ...Ok, maybe the second pet will be better: Ms. Piggy Cornell ...Nope, let's try third pet: Goldie Cornell ...That's it, I'm not allowed to name pets, anymore.

needleinmypants_fml 3
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Swimmer West Lake...nope. Second pet? Trout. Nothing says sexy like trout.

fluffy lasalette. yup pretty sexy if you change it up a bit to fluffy laslut lol

Simba Poinciana Bubbles Poinciana Azure Poinciana Padfoot Poinciana Mitch Lucker/Lucky Poinciana Aurora Poinciana I think I'll go with the last one.

SparksLikeFlint 2

Snickers Brandt... Definitely not sexy.

Huh. Somehow, "Peaches 100 East" doesn't sound too catchy. I guess that's why Mormon's don't make good strippers - Utah's street names are decidedly un-sexy.

R4inb0wBrit3 13

Uh... I live on Balse street. And my pets name is tiny. I'm also a girl.

Maybe it's talking about your chest, I hear some guys are into that? I'm sorry even I can't find a way to redeem your stripper name.

Gandalf méttanie. That just doesn't work. :U

Actually, I forgot about my cat as a baby, einstien empire, eh, I like fluffy emire better

Sophie Byron...well darn I guess I can't be a stripper now!

I'm not sure of the solution here.. I guess I'm stumped!

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My first option of ideal living place is looking for sesame street, buy a house and live at there. The second one is living in a tree's ass.

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I agree. He is stupid! I would looooove to live there!!!!!!