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By  thisiscat  |  14

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  thisiscat  |  14

86- No, the FML says that the bride was standing infront of a church. It does not say anything about "tuxedo dressed men" standing near her, but if their where- I find it strange that op would walk through/ around them just to congratulate a random bride they had never met. That was what I was going for, actually.

  RaggleFrock  |  13

#1 You do know a bride stands in front of a church before she walks down the aisle AND usually stands out front after to have the wedding photos taken? How could a stranger possibly no she got jilted? Unless she is howling like a banshee about it which I doubt, I bet she was emotionless and in shock.

By  retardslo  |  0

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  evilplatypus  |  38

How do you know OP didn't apologize? Though I sure as hell wouldn't apologize if they began hitting me with a bouquet because I said something normally considered "nice".

By  Doxy  |  22

Poor her :( . That guy is such a jerk.
But think of it this way: you helped her blow off some steam (although to be fair she should have beaten up her ex-fiancé instead of you).