By Wrongword - 17/04/2012 10:52 - China - Shanghai

Today, I congratulated a bride standing in front of a church in a white dress. Turns out she'd been stood up at the altar. She thrashed me with her bouquet. FML
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You'd have an attitude too if you were stood up on your wedding day.

Because none of the tuxedo-dressed men there could possibly have been the groom..


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Because none of the tuxedo-dressed men there could possibly have been the groom..

1-Think a little harder before you comment.

1- Unless OP was freaking Sherlock Holmes himself, I'm pretty sure no one would've been able to instantly see what the situation was...

I think #1 was attempting sarcasm. Nice try, better luck next time.

86- No, the FML says that the bride was standing infront of a church. It does not say anything about "tuxedo dressed men" standing near her, but if their where- I find it strange that op would walk through/ around them just to congratulate a random bride they had never met. That was what I was going for, actually.

And no1 gives a shit about ur explanation

#1 You do know a bride stands in front of a church before she walks down the aisle AND usually stands out front after to have the wedding photos taken? How could a stranger possibly no she got jilted? Unless she is howling like a banshee about it which I doubt, I bet she was emotionless and in shock.

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How do you know OP didn't apologize? Though I sure as hell wouldn't apologize if they began hitting me with a bouquet because I said something normally considered "nice".

Apologize? Crazy bitch hits you for making a fair assumption, and you would apologize?? I think I know why the groom didn't show up.

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55 I know. I just stopped wasting my time telling people off for it. Now I just laugh at them about it and think the negative about them in my mind

katcot99, you missed a comma after "Alright". GRAMMAR NAZI, AAAAWWAAAAAAYYYY!!!


Obviously you apologize for the guy leaving her.

2, to answer your question the probability is 3.96 x 10^-3. Trust me, I'm Asian, I know this shit.

mintcar 9

I am glad I'm getting on your nerves then. -_- Simple contractions, they seem sooooooooooooo simple.

blackheart24 10

55- Your profile says you love grammar Nazis?

We're simply telling them how it should be spelled and or where certain marks should go. We are educating them. Educators, for a better internet.

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The op didn't know. I wouldn't have had thrown my flowers at her.

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Anyone else think of Ted from How I Met Your Mother?

peachesncreem 21

No, but a nice suit :-) and he got left at the altar ;-) i like ted, but he is still a bit lame and he deserved it :-) hehe

tylersign 11

Or... In this case... Stood up!

You'd have an attitude too if you were stood up on your wedding day.

Though there IS a difference between having an attitude and beating a stranger with a bouquet... Namely that most people wouldn't do the latter...

Why not?! I thinks it a perfect excuse to have a full on tantrum! Being stood up at the alter!! It's more of a FML for the poor bride!!

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At the alter? Was the groom afraid of change?

92-Because said stranger could be someone who would've fought back the second you laid a hand on them.

Hey it's just like Bret michaels says, every rose has its thorn. And you found out the hard way

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At least you had good Intentions you just had bad timing :/ fyl

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At least you caught the bouquet! This means you're next to get jilted at the altar in front of everyone you know.

Poor her :( . That guy is such a jerk. But think of it this way: you helped her blow off some steam (although to be fair she should have beaten up her ex-fiancé instead of you).

Offer to marry her. Then change your mind.

twisted_cherub 14

I was going to thumb you down for being so mean, but then I realized I was laughing and wanted to thumb you up. I'm so torn!

nofearjenshere 12

I've gotta say, best comment I've seen all day.