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Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally disordered llama
Hyper llama
Drama llama
Super llama
Big fat mama llama
SUPER big fat mama llama
Hiding llama
Peaking llama
Baby llama
Bad camel, slap slap
Kiss the camel *mouaw*
cool camel word...

  thisiscat  |  14

224- the llama smashed her face repeatedly on the keyboard, and in the process FML happened to open, and during the smashing onto the keyboard the story was wrote and sent. :D


Perhaps OP isn't hallucinating due to lack of sleep, but rather from the excess amount of canibus she smoked. Thus the hunger would be caused by a phenomena that us humans have come to call the munchies.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Gosh OP, you better hope that llama doesn't go by the name 'Carl The Llama. If it's Carl, then you'll have BIGGER thing to worry about; like surviving! (If you don't understand this reference then I beg you to look it up on YOUTUBE)