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Today, I have been awake so long I hallucinated a llama in my living room. I have a medical condition that keeps me from sleeping properly. I've run out of medication. I still see the llama. FML
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Ride the llama to the pharmacy! Or across a rainbow and have a grand adventure!

Have you considered that perhaps there really is a llama in your room?


Ride the llama to the pharmacy! Or across a rainbow and have a grand adventure!

OP came here for a free consult from DocBastard.

CARL!! sorry I left him here last night. And 17 I love your comment

You could've just thumbed it up, no need to tell us that.

1 - instead of riding the llama to the pharmacy, the OP should try spooning with it to go to sleep. It's fool proof!

Aww that's too bad that u see the llama, but tell it that I say hi.

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DrDillonReese needs to stop trollin.

I think DrDilllonReese is a little jealous that he's not the one coming up with the quirky and witty comments! :)

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Here a llama, there a llama Everywhere a llama, llama... Llama, llama, duck.

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Honestly if I were a friend of yours and knew about your condition I'd find a way to get a llama just to screw with you. Make sure it's not real.

123- yup, jealous of people I've never met. How'd you know?!?!

Happy llama Sad llama Mentally disordered llama Hyper llama Drama llama Super llama Big fat mama llama SUPER big fat mama llama Hiding llama Peaking llama Baby llama SQUISH! Camel Bad camel, slap slap Kiss the camel *mouaw* cool camel word... DUCK!

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How could you write this if your tripin seeing lamas is the question

224- the llama smashed her face repeatedly on the keyboard, and in the process FML happened to open, and during the smashing onto the keyboard the story was wrote and sent. :D

If all else fails, just get a club and knock yourself out. Literally. Or just see the doctor

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195- Other people would love it (me included) if you would just stop clogging the thread with your stupid comments.

@164 I was once a tree house, I lived in a cake. But I never saw the way the orange slayed the rake. What a song...

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Roll with it, a couple more hours and he might have some great wisdom to impart.

Maybe it will split open the city for OP to get to the pharmacy and then give him ten tasks to accomplish to make the world better!

Whatever you do do not drink its blood OP or you'll be cursed!!!

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#23, I believe the proper form of address is: Hello, Dalai. Well, hello, Dalai. It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

Here's a Llama, There's a Llama, I'm a Llama, He's a Llama, Funny Llama, Fuzzy Llama, Llama Llama, Duck... lol Llama song xD

I want to upvote, but the score is a perfect square

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Perdix, I'm worried that not everyone caught on to what you did there, but don't worry, I appreciated it ;)

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Consider this pun appreciated!

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I too, saw what you did there, Mr. Armstrong.

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105-HAHA. Am I correct in saying that was a reference to Harry Potter? :)

Make your way to the pharmacy quickly!! It's an evil llama. If it doesn't go away, it was real and kill it immediately.

Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama, llama llama llama llama llama llama duck

52 that's already been said, 35 minutes before you said it.

Telling him wont delete the comment, so saying that is ultimately pointless.

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Successful troll is successful

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What does hunger have to do with anything? Im pretty sure no one eats llama - especially one that isnt real ...

Perhaps OP isn't hallucinating due to lack of sleep, but rather from the excess amount of canibus she smoked. Thus the hunger would be caused by a phenomena that us humans have come to call the munchies.

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7- stupid comment, awesome profile pic

All above have stupid comments and only 2 have cool pics (hint it's not the gay Pokemon)

247- and we have a winner of the profile pictures!

Hmm... Sounds like the emperor has a NEW new groove.

"BOO-YEAH" "The Emperor's New Groove" is hands down, my favorite cartoon movie!(: "The Lion King" is second.(:

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Man, that's seriously allarming!

Gosh OP, you better hope that llama doesn't go by the name 'Carl The Llama. If it's Carl, then you'll have BIGGER thing to worry about; like surviving! (If you don't understand this reference then I beg you to look it up on YOUTUBE)

Oh THATS where i left my pet Llama Carl! Thank you for finding him :)

Bahaha he is hungry for hands and wears hats. Caaaaaarrrlll. Great video lol